1) Have a clear goal and a call to action

A successful post on Facebook needs a clear goal. What do you want this post to achieve? Drive traffic to your site? Encourage comments that build a community? Get followers to share it? Having a specific objective will be much more effective and making it objective obvious will ensure its success!

Use an attention-grabbing headline if you want someone to click on a link. Create a special offer if you are introducing a new product. To drive replies and user engagement, use the trending section on Facebook to see what everyone is talking about. Create a post on one of these subjects. Depending on your content you may want to be a bit provocative but be advised when discussing sensitive and/or current subjects you may want to stay neutral and let your followers drive the debate. You can do this by asking your followers how they feel about x or what do they think about x, for example. (You will thank me when your inbox isn’t full of hate mail, it happens).

2) Include a photo or video

Visualisation works. Take this article, if I didn’t add photos and videos it would be pretty boring and I doubt you would be reading at all let alone get to the end. Same goes for your posts! Use photos and videos as much as possible. There is a caveat to this… A few months back Facebook introduced visual backgrounds, you probably have seen and used them. Visual backgrounds are great for sparking debates but that’s about it, the minute you add a link or go beyond a certain character length it will disappear and you will be left with a pretty boring text-only post.

When adding a photo or video keep in mind the content, does it reflect the overall objective of the post? Is it blurry? Same goes for the video. Is the sound ok? Is the quality ok? If not then maybe reconsider. Also, when adding video always try to use native video, this means video that’s been added directly to Facebook, you can upload video in the same way you upload photos so it’s easy to do. Native video gets far more engagement than linking from an outside source like Youtube.

3) Make an Emotional Connection

Appealing to your audience on an emotional level will help drive a much bigger response! Share content that connects with your audience sentiments. Pull at people’s emotions, interests, hopes and fears. Brand loyalty comes from your customer’s shared memories and experiences with your brand. Help create those memories instead of focusing on your product – your customers will buy your product because of your brand and not the other way around.

4) Keep it short and use compelling language

How often do you click the ‘Read More’ link to expand along facebook post? Not often? Most people do not either! If you have a lot to say, best you put that into an article on your website/blog and post the link to Facebook instead. At least that way you drive traffic to your site. Few will bother to read it on facebook because there is too much content in their feed and let’s be honest, we all have short attention spans. Always keep your posts below the Read More threshold!

A note on compelling language…. Click-bait is not compelling, it’s annoying! Facebook themselves are now actively deterring and penalising anyone click-baiting, be warned. What is click-bait? Well, “You will never believe the 3 things this girl did… ” <— That’s click bait, it’s purpose is to generate clicks without fulfilling the promise made by the statement. Your followers won’t be following you for long if they feel deceived. You wouldn’t either….

5) Pose a question or ask for engagement

Asking your followers for their opinion is a short fire way to drive engagement. This only works, of course, if you ask the right question. Understanding who your audience is is, therefore, paramount as asking questions with little to no interest for them will likely not lead to the result you hope for.

Another effective tool is to post to run quizzes and questionnaires, this is also an effective way to gauge what your audience wants to see from your content. Everyone loves a good quiz and it can give you mountains of free insight!

6) Provide Value

Whenever you share or post content, ask your yourself, what kind value am I providing? The best way to get your fan’s attention and drive engagement is to make sure there’s something in it for them. At the very least make them smile or laugh! At best, post something that inspires, teaches or adds value to their life.

7) Keep it real and honest!

When Ali G stood up in Parliament and told everyone to ‘Keep It Real’ he was right! Ok, maybe didn’t actually happen but the point still stands. Be honest, share things that provide value to others and keep it real!

7 Great Tips On Creating Facebook Posts That Generate Engagement

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