The #stardust movement

Dr Marina Nani

Founder & CEO

Radio W.O.R.K.S World brings together people of significance from around the world. Helping you share your story, your vision and your knowledge with a global audience!  We specialise in coaching you to reach your true potential as well as helping to brand yourself and your businesses no matter the industry or area of expertise. Our channel, Broadcast Your Passion, gives heart-centred entrepreneurs such as yourself a platform from which to engage with millions of viewers and potential clients. Our events platform, Make The News, is a one of a kind red carpet experience where all have the chance to share their story on stage. We help you master your talents and develop your skills at our monthly Masterclasses, providing face to face coaching for a fraction of the price. We provide book publishing and distribution so whether you have just written your first book or are an already established author our range of products can give you the exposure you need. Should you have writer's block our highly developed coaching system has helped over 2000 people write their first books and become published authors. Our glossy magazines, Quantum of Light and Sovereign are further platforms through which you can reach new heights and open more doors with a global distribution that includes 115 international airlines and 120 airports. We are also the first to introduce a completely bespoke mentoring system built around the individual. Unlike other mentoring systems that follow a one size fits all approach, the Stardust Mentoring Program assesses the client's individual needs, building a completely bespoke system that guarantees success. 

Our passion is to help you share yours and our range of products and services are designed to help you and your brand excel and reach the turning point of your career. Find out more by browsing the different sections of our website and remember, whatever you do, be seen, be heard and be present!

Dr Marina Nani

Founder and CEO


What we stand for


Not just the monetary wealth but an abundance satisfaction for life.


You are only as great as the opportunities you have. But why not also create them?


The foundation of everything you are the people around you. We bring like minded people together.


We believe everyone should have access to knowledge, to expand and broaden one's horizons. 


Each person is unique and so is their path to success. We pride ourselves on finding the unique formula for delivering value.


The people who make it all possible

DR Marina Nani

Founder | Chief Financial Officer | Stardust Master | BYP Host

Dr Darie Nani

Chief Operations Officer | Stardust Master
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Stardust Master | BYP Host


Stardust Master | BYP Host

DR Neslyn Watson Drueé

Stardust Master | BYP Host

Viola Edward

Executive Associate | Stardust Coach | BYP Host

Roger Cheetham


Camelia Bogdan


Philip Chan


Ysanne Lewis

BYP Host

Veronica Sosa

BYP Host

Jossine Abrahams

Associate | BYP Host