The W.O.R.K.S.


Not just the money in your pocket  or your bank balance but real wealth. The feeling that your life is a satisfying one, whether that is in your personal or professional life. We believe we all have the ability to be wealthy!


You are only as great as the opportunities you have. But why not also create them? Our hosts come from all walks of life and their stories are constant reminders that opportunity is something which you make and not just take.


The foundation of everything you are (the people around you). Whether this is family or friends, work colleagues or even rivals. Join our hosts as they dissect this most complicated of human interactions.

Keys To Success

We believe each one of us can be successful. The strategy to success is different for everyone but strangely it is also very familiar. The best way to define your own keys to success is to listen to those who already have it and are happy to share their experience!


Each atom that constitutes your body comes from the collision of two stars, the aftermath of a Supernova, a question must come to mind: How many stars had to collide for  you to exist, to inspire a song, a painting, or your Story? Creation only becomes significant when delivered. Share your STARDUST

Who We Are

Radio W.O.R.K.S World brings together people of significance from around the world. Helping them to share their stories, their vision and their knowledge with a global audience! Over 75 hosts from over 26 countries are already using our platform to engage with new audiences. We strive to only provide honest and original content that is both uplifting and inspirational. From book authors to CEO’s and even Olympians, our hosts have actually walked the talk and can give an honest and true experience for all to enjoy and use for their own personal growth! Listen to them and their stories via our YouTube Channel and engage with them through live Q&A’s. Many are also available for speaking engagements, personal coaching and more! Scroll down to view more information on each host.

Meet The Radio W.O.R.K.S. World Team

Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druée

RRW Host, Business Psychologist

Dr. Cheryl Chapman

RWW Host, Storytelling & Leadership Coach

Dr. Marion Bevington

RWW Host, Professional Speaking Coach

Bradley Chapman

Associate, RWW Host, Business Growth Coach & Consultant

Viola Edward

RWW Host, Psychotherapist, Management Consultant

Dr. Gill Barham

RWW Host, Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Kim BridgeWright

Executive Associate for Sovereign and Quantum of Light

Sabrina Ben Salmi

RWW Host, Transformational Coach

Dr. Darie Nani

CFO & Operational Executive

Dr. Marina Nani

Founder & CEO, RWW Host, Celebrity Branding Coach