Back to reality

Feeling nostalgic while packing up your Christmas tree and putting away your festive looks for another year? During the celebrations season you experienced good feelings, despite the pressure coming with Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, you found all the resources to enjoy a good time. It was difficult not to enjoy the excitment, after all, everybody was so nice and kind, all the gifts and wrapping up, giving and receiving, it was a magical time filled with”feel good” atmosphere…At times seemed normal to smile with no reason… So, what is different now, on 2nd January? You could say: “Well, Marina, now is back to reality.”

And I have to ask: Who’s reality?

What is going to happen to your new, but short lived, Abundance mentality?

While packing up the Christmas decorations and all celebrations trimmings, the thought of a different ” reality”, where people become mean and ruthless, arguments over nothing hit the air, so was the merry go round just for Christmas? Is being jolly a seasonal choice?

If you were to be a jury and judge Abundance and Scarcity, who would you let live? Who would be your choice?

Let’s look at the impact Scarcity makes in your life first. Do you have a hard time receiving the recognition you deserve? Do you find it hard to understand all the awards and credits others receive, and don’t really like the credit they are given, and how their profits are skyrocketing as a result of being recognised? Are you asking yourself: What is so special about this woman, or man, so what if they received an award? How are they any better than you? Why are they acting from a place of power while you feel powerless? Why they feel empowered and profit from their role in the market place and you don’t?

Do you find it difficult to be happy for them?

Divorce your limitations

Social, emotional, spiritual alienation are the most terrible illnesses that supress individual’s true potential and progress in modern society. Millions of people experience a disconnect from their life purpose, from what they want in life and are facing very distressful circumstances as a result.

Is it possible to divorce your limitations? Is it possible to attract what you want? Is it possible to feel generous and abundant? What could reconnect you with a positive energy?

You are in a trance all the time, and being in a trance of Scarcity or Abundance is the most personal choice you could ever make.

What is the worst that could happen if you were to choose an Abundant Mentality? What could happen knowing that there is plenty to go around, more than enough to share the recognition you deserve, the profits you make, the power you receive and give?

The very nature of being creative is being a giving person but unless you understand and accept that receiving is as important as giving, could instate a scarcity mentality.  Mastering your talent is about allowing an inner sense of personal worth to govern your life. While many people focus on chasing opportunities, I believe that becoming the opportunity you seek, giving more of what you want, opens new possibilities into your own repertoire of skills, abilities and unique talents.

The Best Kept Secret

At The Stardust Awards 2017 I had the privilege of interviewing Marie Diamond, globally renowned Transformational Teacher, Leader, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author. Marie is also the only European star in the worldwide phenomenon, The Secret, but for me Marie is The Best Kept Secret, The Abundance Goddess. She uses her extraordinary knowledge of Energy, Quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, to support individuals, organizations and corporations to transform their success, financial situation, relationships, motivation and inspiration.

Marie’s clients include billionaires, multi-millionaires, A-list celebrities in film and music (like Steven Spielberg, Rolling Stones, Paula Abdul, Dan Aykroyd, etc.), top-selling writers and motivational speakers (like Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, John Gray and Marianne Williamson and Vishen Lakhiani), top athletes and sportsmen in Basketball, Soccer, Golf, leaders from Fortune 500 companies (like BP-Amoco, Exxon Mobil), CEOs and Top leaders in several top global MLM companies (like Lyoness, WorldVentures, Nikken, Herbalife, It Works Global, Forever Young etc.) and governmental leaders and organizations (like in Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iceland, USA, Canada and Mexico).

Founding member of the only Global Transformational Leadership Council, Founder and President of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe, Marie is considered as one of the top 100 Transformational Trainers, Speakers and Authors in the World. At present, Marie Diamond lives on the French Riviera, near Monaco.

You are using your extraordinary knowledge of the Law of Attraction, Energy, Quantum physics, Feng Shui to help both individuals and corporations to transform their financial status, relationships and success.  I remember a time not long ago when we were in London waiting for a black cab for you, but none of the black cabs driving by will stop when we hailed. Then, a…vanilla cab arrived and stopped right in front of you. Personally, I never seen a vanilla cab in London before.

What attracted a vanilla cab to you that day? And what defines you, as an individual?


What defines you as an individual, is your energy.

I was born in Belgium, and after living in California in the United States, I am now residing on the French Riviera near Monaco. My work takes me where my students are, and I found myself travelling between several continents to connect with my clients in more than 190 countries. Before shifting my focus to the Personal development and the Human Potential movement, I was a successful corporate lawyer in Europe.

When I first started my carrier as a Feng Shui consultant in America, everybody tried to discourage me, it was twenty-five years ago, and some will say ” Why don’t you go back to your country? You don’t stand a chance in this industry, what is different about what you do, how could you possibly be successful?”

For me, as a migrant woman, it was very difficult to succeed and even more difficult to give up. I replied by saying that everybody got a different flagrance, and some love pistachio, or a different flavour. Each person got a different flavour of energy, my energy is vanilla. I just love vanilla and vanilla defines me. I love vanilla. Of course, I am not for everyone, but those who love vanilla, will be attracted to me because I love vanilla.  It is very important to employ certain Energy and Feng Shui principles to establish the perfect vibrational frequency that will draw in your ideal clients and manifest the outcome of your choice.

I wrote about the power of manifestation in my book “Transform your Life”

The book is a step by step guide to activate your home and finally manifest the future you want. Aligning your spiritual, human and earthy luck, you get the best results when you want to transform your life. There are 24 Transformational Principles to Maximize your Success, Abundance, Health, Romance and Wisdom in your life.

I the last 25 years I help millions of individuals, transforming different aspects of their life, from success, health, relationships, to spiritual wisdom.

What is possible when people reconnect with their energy?

“Thousands of people around the world want to change their lives, want to become wealthy, and I help them transform the way they see themselves, and as a result they start producing their own wealth. I help them understand that as a human being, you owe it to yourself to be more, become abundant and give more. I would say I am a very ordinary woman, like we all are, with access to the limitless experience that we have within ourselves. I learned to bring that ability forward when I reconnected with my own limitless energy.  It’s not my duty, not my task, it’s just my dream to reconnect people with that limitless energy they already have.

When I look in somebody’s eyes, I see their heart, I see beyond what they can see, most people only see their limitations, they only can see only what is not, instead of what is. They look at their problems, allow their challenges to bring them down, they feel sad and depressed. We are the creators of our own life but most people can’t see beyond the vail of the limited situations they have created for themselves, and find it difficult to go beyond that.

You need a little switch to access the amazing quantum that we all have access to. Some people practice yoga, meditation alternative healing methods and they all work, but first you have to become aware of that reconnection with your limitless energy is an actual possibility.

The power of Experience

It is often said that your success is influenced by the sum of the first five people you surround yourself with most of the time. While this might be true for some of us, nobody could tell you what to think, what to do or who to be. Being successful is a personal choice but for the most part, is dependent on your experiences and your personal choices you make along the way.

A simple experience like Christmas, or a New Year Eve’s party, could make you reflect on what is possible,  and could ignite your desire to be more, to have more and give more. What is that you want in 2018? What is your verdict on Scarcity and Abundance? I would say, just remember, you can’t have both- pick one horse and ride it. Do you want more from life? Embrace your heart’s Desire, allow new experiences in your life, open your mind into what is possible.

Meet Marie Diamond at the first LAW OF ATTRACTION event in 2018 in London. This time we go deeper into what the Earth Dog year is bringing you and how to manifest your results 33,3 % faster and more effortless for 2018.

You could find Marie’s book on Amazon






Abundance is a choice by Dr Marina Nani

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