So… Magnesium…Why do we need it?

It’s a mineral that is very easy for the body to lose… You can’t magic magnesium!
Nowadays, we are at a disadvantage environmentally. Our soil contains less than 70% of the minerals content compared to 100 years ago and magnesium is not replenished by most growers.

Top Tip: If you grow your own… You can put magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) on your own veggie patch to enrich your produce.

  • A LACK of magnesium is implicated in so many conditions:
  • Circulatory
  • Poor circulation,
  • Heart attacks,
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Cancer
  • Kidney problems
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep issues
  • Migraines
  • Muscle pain
  • Bloating
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • ME
  • Fibromyalgia

Magnesium deficiency is often misdiagnosed because it does not show up in blood tests – only 1% of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood.

So, what is happening that makes magnesium so important?

This is the science bit….. at a Cellular level…. we have 4 electrolytes that play a part in good health:

Calcium & Sodium. 
These 2 inhabit the outside of the cell for the most part.

Now if you have one or more of these:
– a stressful lifestyle,
– a poor diet consisting of processed or “on the go” food, which is high in saturated fats, sugar & salt,
or, if you have lots of
– milk products,
– wheat-based foods.
Then your body will be highly acidic. This starts changing the gut bacteria … And compromises the ability to process and absorb nutrients and then these factors make these 2 electrolytes over dominant.

Amongst other things, this has the effect of attracting water uptake – and extra sodium (salt) leads to bloating.

Magnesium & Potassium

These inhabit the inside of the cell and their role is to draw in lipids (fats) and clear out toxins from the cell.
At night magnesium and potassium move back into the cell to help the liver cleanse and detoxify ready for the next day.

First thing in the morning then, this is the happy situation for our cells but as the day progresses the charge in the cell is released and magnesium is lost.

In people with an auto-immune disease, such as Fibromyalgia and ME this movement is being hindered. Magnesium is important for energy in the cells (ATP) and we know that Magnesium is particularly good for ME type illnesses.

With an imbalance of these electrolytes, the cell is dehydrated or the cell is in a state of tension.
This is because Calcium and Sodium = constriction
And Potassium and Magnesium = relaxation

This inability for the cells to relax leads to conditions such as Asthma, Migraines. and Restless Legs Syndrome.
We are also more prone to Arthritis as Calcium is held in the joints.

Higher levels of Calcium also affect the formation of Arteriosclerosis and effects Cholesterol levels.

Magnesium is key to managing constipation as we need both movements of relaxation and constriction to create peristalsis. If magnesium levels are low there is no relaxation phase.

Magnesium also helps to keep stress hormones under control. Stress strips the body of magnesium. Leading to anxiety … Palpitations….and Weight loss…. or sometimes Weight gain. We also need magnesium to produce Serotonin, anti-depressants such as Prozac don’t replace magnesium!

Magnesium opens the glucose channels in the cell wall … So, without it insulin bounces off the cells. This is a factor in Insulin resistance and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. At the point of ovulation, magnesium levels drop. In the last 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle, they are very low. Because magnesium helps to process fats if they are lacking then you can’t produce Prostaglandins (the sex hormones) that balance the glandular system.

If suffering from PMT symptoms such as bloating and headaches are relieved by magnesium as this mineral changes the brain chemistry to establish a better electrolyte balance.

So, can you take too much? Yes, you could get hypotension! But this is only likely if on a low calcium diet. However, our food is rich in Calcium and is very commonly fortified.

Not only is Magnesium more prone to lose than any other, it is also very difficult to digest, as the cell wall, particularly if dehydrated, is hard. This is more common if you have low stomach acid and it is recommended that you improve stomach acid and peptides to ensure effectiveness.

When you take away stress ..which creates dehydration by the way…. the better you will digest your food. This is why it’s important to relax when you eat. We also need to address our thoughts, our body pH and practice how to breathe.

And finally – your CHOCOLATE CRAVINGS could be down to magnesium deficiency.


Top Tips:

Take magnesium away from food.
Drink 2 litres of water a day and add liquid chlorophyll. (Phtyolife)
Improve your digestion, with apple cider vinegar or correct supplements (contact Gill for advice)
Reduce stress
Look at alkalising your body with appropriate foods. (Correct breathing helps this too)

It takes up to a year to build up magnesium stores in the body – eating magnesium-rich foods will help but it is advisable to take a good quality supplement. I only use and recommend Body prime (I take 2-4 a day) you can get some here using my access code for a 10% discount 1810778


Look here too for the spearmint flavoured Chlorophyll drink mentioned above – Phytolife.

Dietary sources: Green leafy vegetables aren’t the only foods rich in magnesium and chlorophyll. Here are the top 10 foods high in magnesium that you will want to add into your diet. Amounts required for basic maintenance:

(Men RDA 400 milligrams and Women RDA 310 milligrams a day)

  1. Spinach — 1 cup: 157 milligrams
  2. Chard — 1 cup: 154 milligrams
  3. Pumpkin seeds — 1/8 cup: 92 milligrams
  4. Yogurt or Kefir — 1 cup: 50 milligrams
  5. Almonds — 1 ounce: 80 milligrams
  6. Black Beans — ½ cup: 60 milligrams
  7. Avocado — 1 medium: 58 milligrams
  8. Figs — ½ cup: 50 milligrams
  9. Dark Chocolate — 1 square: 95 milligrams
  10. Banana — 1 medium: 32 milligrams

Other foods that are also high in magnesium include salmon, coriander, goat cheese and artichokes.






Is a Transformational Elite Health Coach, and Author of “The Heart of a Woman – How to look after the heart you give to the world.”

A Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders – ATL and

International Award Winning Speaker and “Miracle Molecule Host” for RADIO W.O.R.K.S. WORLD™  of

“Light hearted Conversations with People of Significance” and

“The Vitality Show”

Helping 1 million lives a year, every year, by addressing the global mega health trends of the 21st century.




7 Great Tips on Creating a Video Using Your Smartphone

Everyone has a smartphone and everyone loves video so its never been a better time to start using your smartphone to create video content for your Facebook page or other social media networks. Video is a great way to engage with fans, share important news and advertise new products. Yet, a lot of people are still apprehensive about being in front of the camera. Our quick and practical guide below will help you conquer those fears and create video content that generates engagement!

1) Always use the rear camera

Credit: GSM Arena

This may seem obvious but a lot of people still make this mistake. The rear camera of your phone is on average at least twice as good as the one on the front. If you want a decent and quality finish then make sure to use your rear camera and remember, the front camera is great for selfies but that’s about it!


2) Good lighting is key

Good lighting, especially on a smartphone, is crucial. This is partly due to smartphones having smaller image sensors and lenses than what you would find on a dedicated camcorder or SLR. Natural light works best but if that’s not possible try to have as many light sources as possible if indoors. Another important aspect is that light sources should come from behind the camera to avoid overexposure and lens flare, any light source in front of the camera is going to ruin your footage!




3) Keep it steady

Keeping your camera or smartphone steady is crucial, especially on smartphones as they aren’t able stabilise the image as quickly as a proper camera. You can try holding the phone but for best results use a tripod. If you don’t have a tripod then improvise! Using simple household items you can create a sturdy tripod for your phone. For example, using some elastic bands and a plastic bottle you can create a homemade tripod. How? fill up the bottle first of all so its sturdy, then use the elastic band to wrap both ends of the phone around the bottle.  If you have a tripod for a camera, then get this out, attach the camera as per normal and then using elastic bands attach your smartphone to the flat side of the camera.


Check out this how-to tutorial from for some ideas!

4) Get a good angle

You should place the camera angle at or above shoulder height. If you are standing then your shoulders should be near the middle of the screen and your waist towards the bottom. If you are sitting make sure you sit at a desk or table, this also doubles up as a flat surface on which to place your smartphone. When you are sitting remember not to slouch and keep your back straight as this affects how you come across on screen.

5) Speak clearly (and smile!)

It is VERY important that you know what you are going to talk about before you start talking! Its very easy to turn the camera on and your mind to go blank – umming and erring will not create the results you hope for. Take 10-15 minutes to write down a short draft of your speech, use bullet points and make sure you structure your speech so points follow each other and make sense. It is also very important to remember the call to action of your video so if you are presenting a new product, speak about the product. Don’t deviate from the subject as this will not create value for the viewer and they will likely switch off!

Finally, it may be obvious but easy to forget, SMILE. Smiling makes you look friendly and confident, it helps to reassure the viewer too and will make a world of difference to how you come across.

The Famous Mona Lisa…Frown or Smile

6) Landscape or portrait?

A lot of videographers will tell you that shooting video in portrait mode is a cardinal sin. This is not always the case and what you need to consider is what you are filming and where you plan to post the video. For example, if you are filming a promotional video where you will be filming yourself and that video is going on Facebook and Instagram than there’s very little point in using landscape, stick to portrait and be mindful that Instagram especially will crop your video to a 1:1 aspect ration (it will be square). This format will look best when viewed on a mobile device. If that’s your target audience then makes it easy for them. That being said, filming in Landscape mode will look good on all devices and on big screens too so again, it’s about where you plan to post the video.



7) You are not a robot!

Act as if you are speaking to another person, speak as you normally would and avoid having a monotone, in other words, pretend the camera isn’t there and relax! This is not easy at first but with practice, you will get used to it. Also, remember to look directly at the lens so it gives the impression you are making eye contact with the viewer. Looking at your phone in general (or the screen, if you haven’t paid attention first point) will give the impression you are looking in a different direction. Other things to do to mitigate the robot effect is to use hand gestures, shift your weight, use humour and use your face to emphasize your words.

If he can do it, you can too!

7 Great Tips On Creating Facebook Posts That Generate Engagement

1) Have a clear goal and a call to action

A successful post on Facebook needs a clear goal. What do you want this post to achieve? Drive traffic to your site? Encourage comments that build a community? Get followers to share it? Having a specific objective will be much more effective and making it objective obvious will ensure its success!

Use an attention-grabbing headline if you want someone to click on a link. Create a special offer if you are introducing a new product. To drive replies and user engagement, use the trending section on Facebook to see what everyone is talking about. Create a post on one of these subjects. Depending on your content you may want to be a bit provocative but be advised when discussing sensitive and/or current subjects you may want to stay neutral and let your followers drive the debate. You can do this by asking your followers how they feel about x or what do they think about x, for example. (You will thank me when your inbox isn’t full of hate mail, it happens).

2) Include a photo or video

Visualisation works. Take this article, if I didn’t add photos and videos it would be pretty boring and I doubt you would be reading at all let alone get to the end. Same goes for your posts! Use photos and videos as much as possible. There is a caveat to this… A few months back Facebook introduced visual backgrounds, you probably have seen and used them. Visual backgrounds are great for sparking debates but that’s about it, the minute you add a link or go beyond a certain character length it will disappear and you will be left with a pretty boring text-only post.

When adding a photo or video keep in mind the content, does it reflect the overall objective of the post? Is it blurry? Same goes for the video. Is the sound ok? Is the quality ok? If not then maybe reconsider. Also, when adding video always try to use native video, this means video that’s been added directly to Facebook, you can upload video in the same way you upload photos so it’s easy to do. Native video gets far more engagement than linking from an outside source like Youtube.

3) Make an Emotional Connection

Appealing to your audience on an emotional level will help drive a much bigger response! Share content that connects with your audience sentiments. Pull at people’s emotions, interests, hopes and fears. Brand loyalty comes from your customer’s shared memories and experiences with your brand. Help create those memories instead of focusing on your product – your customers will buy your product because of your brand and not the other way around.

4) Keep it short and use compelling language

How often do you click the ‘Read More’ link to expand along facebook post? Not often? Most people do not either! If you have a lot to say, best you put that into an article on your website/blog and post the link to Facebook instead. At least that way you drive traffic to your site. Few will bother to read it on facebook because there is too much content in their feed and let’s be honest, we all have short attention spans. Always keep your posts below the Read More threshold!

A note on compelling language…. Click-bait is not compelling, it’s annoying! Facebook themselves are now actively deterring and penalising anyone click-baiting, be warned. What is click-bait? Well, “You will never believe the 3 things this girl did… ” <— That’s click bait, it’s purpose is to generate clicks without fulfilling the promise made by the statement. Your followers won’t be following you for long if they feel deceived. You wouldn’t either….

5) Pose a question or ask for engagement

Asking your followers for their opinion is a short fire way to drive engagement. This only works, of course, if you ask the right question. Understanding who your audience is is, therefore, paramount as asking questions with little to no interest for them will likely not lead to the result you hope for.

Another effective tool is to post to run quizzes and questionnaires, this is also an effective way to gauge what your audience wants to see from your content. Everyone loves a good quiz and it can give you mountains of free insight!

6) Provide Value

Whenever you share or post content, ask your yourself, what kind value am I providing? The best way to get your fan’s attention and drive engagement is to make sure there’s something in it for them. At the very least make them smile or laugh! At best, post something that inspires, teaches or adds value to their life.

7) Keep it real and honest!

When Ali G stood up in Parliament and told everyone to ‘Keep It Real’ he was right! Ok, maybe didn’t actually happen but the point still stands. Be honest, share things that provide value to others and keep it real!

Get our of Your Way and LEAD With Purpose!

So, you’re an entrepreneur? Congratulations! You have started up a business, things are going great, you’re doing really well, sales are good, but you are working 20 hours a day, 7 days a week! You are exhausted! You hardly see your family or friends, and you have no social life. You’ve been covering all the roles in business, and now it’s time to bring in the experts who are going to help you take your business to the next level. But how?

Successful businesses take great care of their team; who in turn will take great care of their customers; who in turn will stay loyal to the business.

An engaged and motivated team will in turn look after your customers!

In order to achieve all of this you must  have:

An engaged and motivated team who in turn will need:

  • Great leadership
  • Compelling vision and mission for the business
  • Aligned values
  • The right culture
  • Defined organisational structure with succession plan
  • Clear role descriptions
  • Clear responsibilities and objectives
  • Career progression
  • Performance management procedure
  • Opportunities to get involved in developing ideas and making business decisions

A high standard of customer service and that will require:

  • Strong identity or brand
  • Great product and or service
  • Customer support for aftersales
  • A marketing strategy to connect to customers
    • Website
    • Social media advertising
    • SEO/Adwords
    • Local opportunities

Successful Business also require:

  • A strategy to achieve their vision
  • Clear financial goals
  • Strong understanding of management accounts
  • KPIs for everyone to work towards
  • System for monitoring statistics
  • Celebrate successes
Ensure your team has a strategy to achieve your vision

I help businesses and entrepreneurs do just that! My coaching system will help you to Developing Your Vision and Mission; Developing Your Values and Culture; How to Define WHAT Roles You Need in Your Team; How to Define WHO You Need; Writing Compelling Adverts; Interviews & Selection and how to improve decision making process!

Want to find out how? Then join me for Make The News -Lead With Purpose on 18th October. I will be the Key Note speaker and will share with you some of the above points to help you build the right business strategy. Purchase a Diamond ticket and join me for the MTN Masterclasses where you can ask me direct questions relating to your business in a series of intensive coaching session with myself and other MTN Masters!

Make The News London – Lead With Purpose

Time: October 18 @ 6:00 pm – October 18 @ 10:00 pm

Stardust Books’ Hour: Author Deenita Pattni


Interview by Dr Marina Nani

Deenita Pattni is an international Trainer, Mentor, Speaker, Author and Professional Speaking Coach. She is the founder of The Mind Vehicle Ltd & Viamii, a training and development company helping individuals live and recognise the true potential inside them. Her flagship training programmes include: The Rapid Recruitment Engine™, a full-service training programme that equips recruitment professionals with the skills they need to succeed in the industry, and Linked In – Cash In ConverterT™, an implementation workshop that trains entrepreneurs and recruitment professional on how to leverage LinkedIn to benefit their business, Born and bred in the heart of London, she grew up in a working-class family and was raised by her parents to achieve success and dreams in whatever she believed possible. In uenced by her father, who had an inner entrepreneurial air overlooked by the need to raise an extended family, Deenita worked in the corporate world for almost 17 years before allowing her entrepreneurial spirit to come to the forefront. A big advocate of personal development, Deenita took time out of her daily routine to attend seminars and workshops that changed her beliefs and perspectives on what success meant and how she could achieve it. Today, she speaks on stages around the world including Europe, Australia, South Africa, Singapore to name a few, sharing her knowledge and knowhow with others. Her big WHY is to help professionals overcome their limiting beliefs and feel empowered and encouraged to reach the business success they dream of by ongoing investment and development in themselves.

Recruitment Gems Uncovered

In many ways this book is the bible for Recruitment professionals or small start up business owners who need help implementing a recruitment strategy within the business to ensure they get the right staff in for success. “The recruitment industry is one that has picked up a bad reputation and I want to ensure that all recruiters dont fit that model – but instead show clients that you can be a successful and wealthy recruiter whilst also being caring and ethical” says Deenita.

“You are in the business of Communications”

Your book is not just another book, but an entire new concept on recruitment . You believe that the language you use is a strategy on its own, and the way you communicate is instrumental not only in business but in your personal life. What is unique about your approach on Recruitment?
“Recruitment Gems Uncovered is the bible for Recruitment professionals or small start up business owners who need help implementing a recruitment strategy within the business to ensure they get the right staff in for success. The techniques in the book are built on the foundation of NLP – a communications strategy and therapy which helps to develop a winning mindset where anything is possible. This is a book which can help all recruiters turn from good to GREAT.” 

Join Deenita Pattni on the red carpet in London where she will grace the STARDUST  Stage with amazing People of Significance who create and deliver value to help others understand their true worth.


If you missed the interview on Book’s Hour with Author Deenita Pattni, this is a replay

Stardust Books’Hour: Award Winning Author Dr Wendy Sneddon

Interview by Dr Marina Nani

There are some evidence that back in 6th century BC, Thales of Miletus , a Greek philosopher discovered lodestone in Anatolia and, as a result, the place was called Magnezia. Due to its unique structure, this mineral is actually a permanent magnet. Perhaps is not always easy to spot the similarities between entrepreneurss and lodestone, unless you have been working for decades with people who attract success, wealth and become a magnet for even more opportunities yourself.

When looking at ancient times, the difference between history and legend is not always easy to spot. But in many ways, people who lived back then were more connected with nature than our modern homo sapiens and they had no choice but to make the best of everything. In many ways, back then, perhaps they knew they have it all, way before we become creatures comfort of some sort, and most importantly they had to focus on what they have instead of what they don’t have. Returning to our metaphor, how easy, or how hard can be to be for an entrepreneur to become a permanent magnet for clients, money, and continuous success?  What is the secret of turning your big idea into a better reality?

If you were with me at The Authors Awards at BAFTA’S last year, you will remember this extraordinary woman, who lives on the edge of Loch Leven in bonnie Scotland with her husband William, children Charlotte & Cammy and dogs Molly & Millie. It is difficult to forget this magnetic woman who went on stage and, in front of few hundred peple, simply said: “Get Out of your Own Way”

Lead with Purpose

Dr Wendy Sneddon RVN, MSc, FInstLM, AssocCIPD, Lead with Purpose.

Award-winning author, Founder of the Lodestone Lounge, an online community supporting entrepreneurs with business skills, creator of GEMS (Great Employee Management system), Wendy’s focus doesn’t stop at business success. Passionate about ending abuse against both human beings and animals, she is Secretary of The Links Group*, a multi-agency group working to promote Zero Tolerance and connecting agencies in different sectors to work cooperatively to prevent abuse of humans and animals. Wendy has also recently launched the Say Something Foundation, to encourage people to report any concerns they may have about abuse. Her upcoming book is called “Say Something- help end abuse of animals and humans”, a collection of stories from survivors of abuse where they also feared for the life of their pet.

Wendy’s mission is to Lead with Purpose, sharing her skills and knowledge with heart centered entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business. She says “the journey starts with you considering your WHY, what is it that gets you out of bed in the morning? If you are not working in your passion, you wont last long, you wont be as successful and you wont be happy! When you start out on your own you have to do everything. As soon as you can afford to bring in people to fill the gaps that allow you to focus on your passion. Next I want you to create the vision for the future of your business. In ten years time when you are looking back, what is it you want to hear people saying about what you have created? What will you be doing? What are your financial ambitions? How big do you want your business to be? It is really important to get this right, this is the reason people will choose to work with you and this is what your team will focus on. You follow this with your mission (that’s how you are going to do it) and consider what the company values and the culture will be, this helps you to select the right personalities for your business. You can’t effectively recruit employees until you understand all of the above. This attracts them to your business and becomes the blueprint they follow.”

People leave managers not companies

It takes a leap of faith and a lot of confidence to leave the security of well paid job to enter a new territory and the uncertainty that entrepreneurship entails. The statistics on business-failure alone could raise a red flag, but recently you decided to gather your confidence and become a fearless entrepreneur yourself and lead your own business. What drives you?

“Entrepreneurs have great ideas, drive and passion to get things done and succeed, but they lack the skills in leading a team. The business evolves around them, with little or no consideration for organisational development. Entrepreneurs who have taken that leap into self-employment, either because they came up with an amazing idea or because they are fabulous at what they do, have to make the transition into leaders – often without knowing or really understanding what that means. That is a sweeping generalisation – there are many who are natural born leaders!” 

Despite the confidence in their vision, and desire to succeed against all odds, entrepreneurs have lots of dark moments when they are struggling inside. They focus on their strengths not on their weakness and, yet, those struggles will not be leave them alone, they must find a solution for each challenge they come across with, and, yes, there are a few along the way! Each Entrepreneur goes through very tough times, and most of the time, it feels like a narrow, black tunnel you have to cross carrying oversized luggage. What is the solution to get on the other side and see the light?

Wendy says: “It all starts with recruiting the right people for your team. A leader needs the tenacity and determination to get through anything. When you have a strong work ethic and you are passionate about what you are donng, you are in the lookout for better ways to get things done. I have worked with many small business owners over the years. Of all the tough challenges they face there is one common struggle – managing people! I have heard it said that people leave managers not companies. I have also found this to be very true. All too often managers are put in positions of responsibility by default rather than being selected for their aptitude. This can work providing the new manager is offered training and support to make the transition, however more often than not there is little support – and so the challenges begin.”


How to attract, recruit and retain a winning team

Your Recent Book “Get out of your way. Step by Step Guide in how to attract recruit and retain a winning team” it’s really designed for entrepreneurs to help them understand what they need to have in place before they bring a team in.

Wendy says: ” Leadership and management are disciplines in themselves, take your management role seriously! There is a lot of information to learn if you want to get it right and build a successful, high performing team. Research shows that business success is down to motivated, engaged teams. There are lots of initiatives to help you to identify how engaged your teams are and these will provide great feedback for you to build a strategy to improve employee engagement.

This book has been written for entrepreneurs who are recruiting their first employee and building their first team. It is ideal for small business owners who can’t afford to employ an HR person and will help you to set up a basic system to attract, recruit and retain great people within your business. These simple steps will ensure you have the correct procedures in place, which if followed will help you successfully recruit a winning team.

It will also help those business owners who are struggling to retain good people, giving them a framework to review their current foundations and identify where they need strengthening.

By the time you have read this book you will understand what foundations you need to have in place to build great teams. You will know what systems you require to recruit and select great people, and how to keep them!”


Come and join Dr Wendy Sneddon on the red carpet in London

Stardust Books’ Hour: Award Wnning Author Viola Edward

Interview by Dr Marina Nani


Award Winning Author, Viola Edward is celebrated around the world by thousands and thousands of people who were fortunate enough to meet her, to hear her or to read her books. I consider myself blessed for being together on our journey into Serendipity. I am very excited to share with you amazing news about Viola, the woman, the friend, the Radio Host colleague, the Stardust Teacher, the Mentor and the High Vibrational Inspiration she is today.

But first I want to take you back in time and imagine this prodigy, she is just five, with big tears going down her angelic face as she is leaving everything she knew in her short life in Iraq, to go on an adventure, discover a new environment in Beirut, Lebanon, where for the next nine years she will have no choice but to adapt to a new culture, new environment, new faces, new places… Turning into a young beautiful teenager and again, say goodbye to friends and familiar places she start to know and love, to embark  on a new journey, and cross the planet all the way to the South Hemisphere to Caracas, Venezuela, where she moved again as her family had to emigrate.

Viola has been contributing to the World beyond frontiers communities all her life and in 2017 under the wings of Radio W.O.R.K.S. World, a new book on relationships was published “Who Makes the Bed?”.  What’s next for Viola?

 “I am a Latina with Middle-Eastern Origin”

Viola is the creator of Feminine Capital Waves which is designed to support women in re-discovering themselves, their rhythm and power to balance the light and the shadow of their feminine and masculine energies and share this equilibrium with their families, colleagues and communities. Recently Viola Edward’s Vision delivered The Feminine Forum, an international platform for speakers & panels who are discussing different areas of life empowering women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity, breaking free to move beyond concepts to create a more sustainable society. The next upcoming event (a reflection of the Forum successfully launched in Cyprus on May) ,  coming soon to Amsterdam and growing globally in the next 18 months.

Viola’s first book “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” was published in 1999 and when she moved to Cyprus wit husband Michael, the locals welcomed her writing talent with open arms. Her latest book published this year “Who Makes the Bed?” already receive an international award for Books on Relationships and it is on its way to become a bestselling book by reaching soon the 5,000 books sold globally. Viola’s Talk Show on Radio W.O.R.K.S. “Feminine Capital Rhythm” is attracting more and more people and she is meeting with her listeners on the red-carpet Gala evenings, Makes the News, London and Cyprus.


What make you look so vibrant and colourful?

It is my Feminine Capital Rhythm mixed with my gratitude. One of my mottos in life is to ‘walk the talk’; it makes life easier and saves me energy. If I cannot model it, I will not talk it.

I have a caring, supportive family and friends all over the world. I am in a functional, nourishing relationship with a loving man and have the best sister ever. I have lived in four different countries and speak four languages, which boosts my Relational Capital.

My work is my passion… I consider ageing to be a privilege that many people have not been able experience. I feel loved and cherished for being just who I am and I honour being alive with my own catchy rhythm of colours and actions.

It was always like this for you?

No, not at all, throughout my childhood, I was a survivor, with depressive up and down moods. My dad passed away suddenly when I was three and we first moved country when I was five. The loss of my father and the successive migrations were tough experiences, but in healing from the pain of those losses, I finally came to understand, in my thirties, that there is more to life than just surviving.

I learned how to breathe consciously, an amazing tool for life and for self-development. I healed various addictions, I learned how to meditate and calm my extremely chatty mind. I realised the importance of living in the present and particularly to trust my intuition. My discernment in life become wiser and it seemed like all the lights were on and I could see, hear and feel fully. I was alive and vibrant. This all happened in my mid-thirties. Although I had already studied psychotherapy and coaching by then, I undertook more specific studies, to broaden the structure of my wild self-education. The completing process of sharing with others makes it pure joy to be working with what I love and I keep learning in the process. I have been on this pathway since 1993 and I feel blessed.


What is your relation with books?

 My connection with books is one of the oldest and the deepest relationships I have. I was an introverted child, quiet, grey, sad and very silent. Nobody remembers at what age I learned how to read but everybody in my family remembers me quiet as a mouse, in a corner behind a book. Books were my salvation, within the pages I would travel to the many different worlds of the imagination, only coming back for my schoolwork, the second thing I liked to do (minus Math). I think I developed persistence and audacity then, as I used to choose books that I would not understand on a first reading. I would try again after some years and then again. Metamorphosis of Franz Kafka was one of those books. I managed to keep up with life thanks to the love of my mother and sister and this passion for books and my studies. As mentioned above, I survived. But, at the age of 13, when we emigrated from Lebanon to Venezuela, I had to stop going to school and start working. This broke my heart in a way, but again books saved me, for now I had a whole new continent of literature to learn about, a new language to develop and books again. And so on, I read and read and then developed a love for cinema also, so fascinating to see the stories in film. Immersed in Venezuela’s rhythmic, musical 70’s energy, and falling in love for first time, something began to shift inside helping me to embrace the vibration of life and I gradually became more Social. Through the years my character has developed into this Relational and communicative persona I am today.

Did you ever dream of becoming a writer?

As I was developing experience as a Holistic Psychotherapist, I dreamed of becoming a film scriptwriter but instead, I discovered the art of being a public speaker. Without any training, I found I could create a speech by just being in front of an audience, or a TV camera.

It was the early Nineties, during the boom in South and North America of Self Development and Business Consultancy. I found myself in the correct place at the right time with the perfect subject. I developed my own coaching and a 200 hour breathwork training 200 hours backed up with 200 hours of master program. Some of my students and business clients recorded my speeches, transcribed them and sent them to me. Then a miracle happened. When I saw my words in the computer screen, I started correcting some ideas and expanding others and this melted the ice and broke the fear of being a writer. I published my first book “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” in 1999, first in Spanish and then an English version in 2001 and the Turkish version in 2006.

Due to changing country again with my move to Cyprus and having to speak and work in a new foreign language, my writing stopped for some years but in 2013, with my husband Michael de Glanville, we wrote a whole series of weekly articles about conscious relationships in a local newspaper and I started recovering my confidence. Based on those articles, my second book, Who Makes the Bed? was born in January 2017 with the support of Marina Nani and Radio WORKS World.

How has being an author influenced your life?

Being an author has been a blessing in my life. It is like a diplomatic passport, opening many doors and positioning me on a higher level as professional. My first book was nominated to Radio WORKS World author’s award and hopefully I will be on the red carpet as the winner one day. Meanwhile, I am working on my next book about Relational Capital and I am always going the extra mile, both to improve myself and to support my readers and clients. I practice deep and creative work with individuals, groups and in business, based on the structure of my books. My books have a lively rhythm of their own and find the way to dance with my clients in a joyful and effective way.

2017 is still young, do you have more news to take our breath away, Viola?

Two Books are in the process of being published  “Alchemy of Emotions” and “Have we Met?”

I was thinking to myself: This woman is limitless! ” and as we were finalising the interview, just after she performed an amazing presentation on Relationships at Make The News London this summer, there she is, two more books!

But I know Viola well enough to think ” what’s next!”and I was right to expect more breking news to kick in: our dear Stardust Viola Edward nominated for the “Inspiration Award for Women”. 

Viola Edward is nominated in the category of Most Aspirational Women, Aspirational is an example which motivates to improve, to reach a higher level or greater understanding… 

The Inspiration award for Women celebrate the achievement of remarkable women who inspire those around them either through media or through their outstanding achievements in their everyday lives. Sky Andrew the founder says “Giving the next generation, role models that show it is possible to have a sense of status, achievement and success by conducting one-self in a manner that is inspirational” Dame Jane Goodall is the guest of honour in the 10th anniversary of this award, Jane is one of Viola’s heroes since youth

 “I am honoured to have been chosen to this award, I have start working since I was 13 years old and I do my work with all my love relating deeply with people that I come across with on my path honouring all the countries I lived in so far. I believe that every human being is inspirational, this touches me most, it is just that some of us are more private and some are more public.” Viola Edward sais

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Stardust Books’ Hour: Award Winning Author Rachel Elnaugh

Interview by Dr Marina Nani

Rachel Elnaugh: Connecting your genius with the world

Founder of well known multy million brands like Red Letter Days experience and  recently Source Tv, Rachel Elnaugh is the brain and the source of limitless inspiration for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Humanitarians, Philanthropists and artists worldwide.  Rachel is not only an established tv Personality but a world class speaker, award winning author, accomplished Business Mentor, based in Bakewell, Derbyshire. The heart-breaking story behind her unprecedented success doesn’t revolve around finance or the people she served along the way with her brilliancy, but her gracious, generous giving essence that she shares with others, her unassuming kindness, the very fabric of her genius.

Accomplished Author, entrepreneur, business mentor and former BBCTV Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’, Rachel Elnaugh’s books are available on amazon but I will like to focus on  celebrating her latest book “PROSPERITY” as she takes you along into a spiritual  adventure through the ‘Black Hole of Debt’, over 42 chapters, leading you gracefully through a world of  shame and shadows, and back into the “light with lots of practical marketing advice on how to create the revenue streams and systems/structure to allow money to flow to you, effortlessly.”

“PROSPERITY” is not just another book but a new concept on your relationship with money and yourself, a collection of the best kept secrets around money, flow and abundance, which today is celebrating one year since it was launched to help others make Prosperity a way of life.

I am delighted to share with our readers a glimpse into the exclusive interview with Rachel Elnaugh, who graced the stage at The Authors Awards at BAFTA’S 2016 and 2017.

The Universe works in mysterious ways 

Rachel: The Universe works in mysterious ways. When I first met you as the creator and host of the event, I saw myself in you. It was like looking into a mirror. Your work is essentially amplifying and energizing the work of great evolutionaries in the world and that’s very much what I am about. It felt like sisters on the same path

Marina: Thank you Rachel, I am humbled by your words. I believe that what there is always more to life than what we see and achieve. I thought I had achieved everything in life. I retired and decided to take a journey around the world. It was during this journey that I realised I had achieved only the earthy or material goals. Life was much bigger than just that. There was so much more energy that needed to be tapped. It wasn’t restricted to material success and possessing properties. This realisation made me feel that void within. It’s not about money but it’s about touching lives. I am fascinated by your journey. I know you have a lot to share about this. Have you ever felt something similar? What is your vision for 2017?

Rachel: Being evolutionaries, we are all getting linked up energetically. We all have a piece of the jigsaw and are now coming together with these individual pieces to create that bigger picture. For example, I got connected to you through Gill Barham who is doing great evolutionary work with her people, you have your own group of evolutionaries in your tribe and I have mine. When we connect as individuals, our groups also get connected to create one huge wave of evolutionary energy on the planet. Our mission is to create heaven on earth where we will transcend illness and poverty.  2017 is a year of magic and hope. The seventeenth card in the tarot is a star and it’s a beautiful card of optimism and magic and fun. That’s my vision of 2017.

The shift in consciousness into a new golden age

Marina: You have been entrusted with this vision for a reason, there is definitely a meaning behind this. It is because you are ready to make the difference the society needs and deserves. I think we have met because we need to unlock the power within. To discover our passion and believe that there is no distance between the mind and the heart. Could you tell us more about your 18-inch-journey and enlighten us with your energy and wisdom? What was the turning point?

Rachel: My life has been a constant of evolution. However, the key turning point was on the 12.12.12, which was also my 48th birthday. It was on that day that I co-produced an event titled 12.12.12. It was quite an incredible manifestation. The event in London was attended by almost 1,500 people and was streamed live globally. Diana Cooper was the leading name and Nikki Slade led the musical chants. Apart from this there were almost another 30 big names including Davina MacKail, Adrian Freedman, Ravi Ji, Stuart Pearce, Rita Hraiz and many more. You can say that almost every big name was either on stage or in that room that night.

This event seemed to have triggered something special! Exactly ten days later on the 21.12.12, it seemed like the tipping point or shift in consciousness into a new golden age. Diana Cooper had correctly stated that 12.12.12 was the opening of the rainbow bridge, to bring in our new energy. It was on that evening that I spoke of SourceTv, the business I launched in 2013, my venture to help people get their personal brand known. It was an important year.

Davina MacKail had explained that the symbolism of 12.12.12 (as told through the Tarot) is the marriage of the ‘Magician’ and ‘The High Priestess’.  In numerology the numbers are read from right to left, thus the feminine energy has to inform and lead the masculine energy.  Both ‘The Big Om’ and ‘The Golden Om’ had been lacking the crucial lead of feminine energy!

Going to the next level of your own evolution

Rachel: A mentor had then said to me that if I was to do this business, I had to go to the next level of my own evolution. Realising the importance of her words, I started to do a lot of work into opening into the source energy. I realised that if I am not aligned to it, I cannot expect anyone else to be. This kind of triggered my own personal evolution and culminated into me going to Peru to the mountains and working with the shamans and opening my third eye. It’s a very different energy that I was shaping using metaphysical principles to manifest into the material realm. It was indeed an amazing experience of receiving the teachings from the divine and integrating them.

I realised the importance of energy to hold the light and the vibration so high and so powerful, that it would transmute everything in its path. That was the vision of my work for the world – a vision powerful like a wave that can transmute all that

To connect with Rachel please folow the link to her Prosperity Program

Please help me celebrate Rachel Elnaugh who was nominated for The Stadust Awards 2017

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Stardust Books’ Hour: Author Danielle Serpico, Ireland

During The Syardust BOOKS’ HOUR, Dr Marina Nani introduces Danielle Serpico, Author of The Blackbelt Mastermind: The Ultimate Guide to having a Fighter Mindset and Winning in LIfehas earned her stripes in the jungle of life.

DANIELLE SERPICO- The Blackbelt Mastermind

Daniele Serpico is a highly acclaimed Life & Mind Coach and a Certified Licensed NLP Practitioner, Master & Trainer. Author of the acclaimed ‘The Blackbelt Mastermind’, a Self-help book on having a fighter spirit and a success mind set and is the Founder of her M.A.S.T.E.R System, she is in high demand for her speaking engagements, filling out venues around the world and also holds regular meetups, workshops and events.

She is also a European Gold and Silver Medal Champion in Kenpo Karate and teaches Self Defence for Mind, Body & Spirit as well as hosting two very popular Radio Shows – RadioMasterMind on Charity Radio Ireland and MindMatters at Dublin City Fm 

Everything happens twice: first in your Mind and second in your own Reality

Danielle Serpico learned from her own experience that if you can imagine and create a better life for yourself, you can deliver your vision and create your own reality, on your own terms. As a testimony to her system, thousands of people, including myself, sccessfully transfered the blueprint of Danielle’s M.A.S.T.E.R.™ System into their own circumstances and never looked back.

Battling through personal, emotional and financial adversity to emerge a true champion. Her experiences chronicle her pathway to success.
In this book you will find the strategies that she used to develop her acclaimed M.A.S.T.E.R.™ System.

From an entrepreneurial businesswoman and European Martial arts champion to a Master NLP Trainer and coach, Danielle has evolved her system with one goal in mind – your success. This book contains all the practical exercises and easily assimilated techniques you need in order to develop your inner warrior. Utilizing the key principles of her system, you will learn to become the master of your mind and ultimately master of your destiny.

The Power of Words

Danielle Serpico sais: “Words have power.  We all talk to ourselves all the time but most of the time we don’t even realize that we’re talking to ourselves and we’re not even aware of it, consciously. I remember the first time that I became really consciously aware that I had this internal voice and this voice was talking to me but it was talking to me in a very negative way. I decided to change that  and it’s very much like there are little people in your head and when you have a negative emotion, the little people in your head will pull out and replace it with the corresponding positive emotion and it’s a great analogy. We have something in our brain called neuroplasticity which means that our neural pathways are constantly evolving and changing and building and growing, changing directions. Now when we think something and say something inside our head this neural pathway shoots across our brain and is like an electric current like a little energy current shoots across your brain. As a resuly your pathway will become stronger and bigger and thicker and more vibrant, and the more that you have that thought, the bigger that neural pathway will grow. What that does, is gives you the corresponding amount of emotion attached to those words, so whether you’re saying something good or bad.  If you’re saying “I’m not good enough” or ” I could never do that”

and you say that kind of sentence a lot, at the same time your pathway is goingm to be strong and it’s going to give you strong emotion to go with that. Something bad you will get that emotion if it’s something good like “I can do that! ” or “I’m fantastic! “, “I’m incredible!” then you will get the corresponding emotion attached to that wording. ”

To meet Danielle Serpico and learn how to take control of your own mind, come and join us on the red carpet at next The Make The News ” Gala evening and if you come early, you will have the chance to jon The Blackbelt Mastermind with the Masters at 4.00 PM

Stardust Books’ Hour: Award Winning Author Dr. Cheryl Chapman Hyp, RTT

Interview by Dr Marina Nani

Dr (Hon) Cheryl Chapman Hyp, RTT:
Multiple award winning International Speaker, mentor & author of
“Find Your WHY!”, creator of The Live, Love, Laugh Lounge & The
Man Cave. Trained in NLP, Genetic Blueprinting & Rapid
Transformational Therapy, helping others to take back control &
choose a life of freedom. Cheryl has mentored thousands of
entrepreneurs across 4 continents in public speaking & she has helped
others to change their story, share their story to inspire others.

Change your Story

What have you learned about yourself since you are recognised globally as The Story Sharing Queen, helping people from different countries, cultures and demographics to change their story, share their story and inspire others?


I learned that the World is full of amazing people, who have had pain and pleasure in their lives. I have learned that they have all experienced so much from everyday life and they all have some kind of uniqueness that they can help others with, to help them to avoid the pain they have been through or that they can help them to avoid.

I have also learned that the people who I have met doubt themselves and do not realise how frickin’ awesome they are. They do not realise that they are sitting on their own power, a little bit like Dorothy from the wizard of Oz they do not realise that they had the power all the time, all they have to do is click their heels.

What I have seen is that women in particular are more caring and sharing when it comes to community and they are very collaborative, looking for solutions for all and not just for themselves. Maybe you have experienced this too?


What things have you learned and want to share with our readers about living your life with purpose?

Great question, it took me until I was 50 years old to realise what my purpose was. You might be thinking why did it take that that long? Well would you agree with me that you don’t know what you don’t know, does that make sense?

However, I believe that there is way to recognise the signs to what you can do with your life that will help you to live your life with purpose.

When I was 48 I went to a seminar in London to see a Canadian motivational speaker called Bob Proctor. I was at a crossroads in my life, have you ever felt like you knew what you didn’t want but you didn’t know what you wanted?

Little did I know what a major turn point that was going to be for me!

It was another speaker called Andy Harrington that came on stage and he looked right at me and asked “If you were to die tomorrow who would mourn your loss?” I remember thinking well I think I have 43 friends on Facebook (a by product of working too many hours and not socialising much!) Then he said “If that number was small it meant you led a life of insignificance” Well he may as well slapped me on my face as that was a real wake up for me. I realised I wanted to make a difference and to be remembered. Sound easy right, first you must know what you want. However, I then had to go on another journey to understand what had been holding me back all those years.


What things in life are still a mystery to you, what fascinates you the most?

 The biggest mystery and fascination is in the area of ancient wisdom. I have been studying for the last year a strategy that is based on this and modern science; it is a fascinating insight to being able to live the life you were born to live. There are still elements that are mystical, even so I know that it has helped me and my clients to understand why we act the way we do and just as importantly how to deal with others to have great relationships.

Share your Story

What things in your life you had to learn to let go and give up, to grow into the person you are now?

 Well ,this one is easy a tangible area was alcohol. I have been sober now for almost a thousand days and it all goes back to awareness again. 551 days ago I realised that I was happy and yet I was still drinking, the reason was it was a habit that I no longer needed. I’d been a drinker because it helped me to distract from the life I hated and as soon as I put 2 and 2 together I stopped, just like that! The result is I am more focussed and the bonus is I have more hours in the day because I no longer have hangovers! Another area I had to change was the limiting belief I had about “being careful” Marion (Bevington – co founder of the Find Your WHY! Foundation) or as I call her the female version of Indian Jones, in search of ancient truths, helped me through a technique called Kinesiology (a non-invasive alternative therapy that works with your body’s energy system to help you to better health and greater happiness) to uncover a limiting belief that had been holding me back for decades.

When I was 5 years old if you had been with me you would have seen my mother (with hair as high as her skirt was short) “Cheryl, I need you to hide this key down your vest and when you come home I want you to let yourself in and wait for mummy, daddy is away with the other soldiers and so I need you to do this for me. Don’t tell anyone, don’t let anyone in and be careful”

Pretty good advise for a 5 year old right? But I’d been careful all my life from that day forward, never taking any chances, missing out on opportunities in both my career and personal life. So after working with Marion  I realised I had to change that thought. At first I couldn’t comprehend what I had to do – should I be careless??? With Marion’s help I realised I could be more mindful.


Recently you authored the book ” From Vibrators to Vibrations” what is the key message to your readers?

The key message here is that in order to change your story you tell yourself when nobody is listening, you need 3 things:

CHANGE YOUR STORY – In order to change you have to get awareness and focus on one area at a time. Start with your Story, an area in their life that needs the most attention, and, literally, could make or break you

SHARE YOUR STORY –  Most  people think they don’t even have a story, they are not special, they are “nobody”. The truth is that “ nobody” doesn’t exist, you are somebody already but you have a choice to acknowledge your role in your ow life and the lives of others you could impact and influence so their life gets a little better.  The other factual finding is that when you create and deliver value to total strangers, when you reach out to learn more about them, you have the chance to learn more about yourself. Discovering yourself is the unique science that will never be known to human kind, unless you share it. Can you afford to deprive progress of your own contribution?

Then the final piece in the puzzle is they need to INSPIRE OTHERS or as I say, get into ACTION. Interestingly, I find that by getting into action to serve others, all the negative beliefs, blocks and barriers that have been holding you back from succeeding, the “I’m not good enough”, “what if I fail”, “what if I succeed”, the procrastination, you know what I mean. This is great for us because we can provide our clients with tangible tools and techniques to over come these.

Inspire Others

You are one of the most brilliant teachers we have at present for story sharing, you master it, helping people from 4 continents to share their story and get paid the big bucks. Why is it important to share your story?


Oh I love stories. Stories have been the way that we have shared information since the dawn of time. We are all familiar with stores from being children and I am very blessed to have worked with thousands of clients to help them to share their “hero’s journey” stories of how they overcame adversities in their life to be the amazing people they are now, clients such as Phil Britten who is a survivor of the Bali bombings in 2002, Vivian (Dr Vee) who shared her story with over 5,000 people in Singapore about staying faithful to your dream and those with business stories such as Kevin Wright who runs a successful finance business. Everyday people with incredible stories.

This is one of the ways that I know I can make a difference as I know I have an ability to hear the words my clients give me and then I just know how to move it around, add bits in and take away those bits that no longer serve the story. I can create a powerful story that positions them as an expert that they can share to their audience in less than 10 minutes.

I believe in the power of sharing your story to C.H.A.N.G.E. your life and inspire others

  1. CLARITY about your life with purpose and mastering what you know best; it has helped me to create products such as my book, my on line Live Love Laugh Lounge self-development video series, The Find your WHY! Mentoring Programme and finally making my gift of specialised knowledge available globally, to help others.
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE – the thought process that helps you take responsibility for your own talent, work on your own limitations and make yourself available for media opportunities to share your story on radio, television, social media and stage.
  3. NOW- Your Past is not your Destiny but it is living in the Present that could make justice to all the lessons your had to experience to arrive at this present moment in your life from where you could make better choices. Your Story help you to share your Wisdom just like stories that have been used for centuries to pass on wisdom in the form of allegories, fables and parables. Messages can be given in a way that is not preachy but is received by the listener in an entertaining way, so they are open to receive.
  4. GAIN– When using stories you can also express emotions and of course emotions’ are what help us to connect with others. Happy, sad or funny stories are all equally powerful. Controlling your emotions is the first step to understand what you want if money was no object.
  5. EVOLVE- Finally, your Story helps us to remember you, to become memorable, quote-able. If you go to a funeral and there are stories being shared about the person who has passed, these all help to keep them alive in out thoughts. And, as a storyteller, particularly in the written format, like this magazine, blogs or a book you are of course potentially leaving a legacy so you will be remembered too. Evolving from “ nobody” to somebody who is known for their unique talent takes courage and is easier said than done, but is worth it!

People often ask me where I get all my stories from, the answer is simple – life. Everyday something happens to me, someone I know or someone in the world and I think “Oh, that would make a great story”


Who inspires and influences your new life as a writer, Award Winning Authors, International Speaker, founder of LLL and Radio Show Host?

Oh, my where do I start?

Andy Harrington for being at the event in 2011 that helped me to enter this new phase of my life and subsequent opportunities he gave me.

Marion Bevington for helping me to become aware of what was holding me back and then for her frickin’ awesomeness in supporting me and our clients and for being intelligent and wise.

Marina Nani for being so generous in her feedback that I helped her to step into her greatness.

Deenita Pattni who supports me on tour and is such a brilliant organiser and speaker in her own rights.

Shannon Eastman for being forward thinking and fearless.

All those amazing female speakers who trying to bring a balance into a masculine led world (come on ladies we need to make the change, not blame the men!)

Of course my husband Mr C who is a success in his own rights and is happy for me to do what makes me happy. My mum and dad who now help to despatch my book orders and my sister who is my PA extraordinaire as well as the mother of the apple of my eye my nephew Leon.


What is the most memorable day of your life?

The day I found out WHY I’m here!


What have you achieved in 2017 that could influence your success and performance in 2018 ahead of everybody else?

Its been a busy year with a lot of achievements that I am very grateful for I received multiple awards for my mentoring, speaking and book writing. Marion and myself wrote an on line programme to make it more accessible to as many women as possible.  We created our Find Your WHY! Mentoring and Retreat Programmes including the launch of The Man Cave a male version of The Live Love Laugh Lounge.

I have appeared on the Radio W.O.R.K.S World platform, travelled the world sharing my message of hope and help with thousands of men and women.


 If you had a magic wand, what changes would you make to the world?

I would have WHY’s women and men communities all over the world* because I believe:

“You don’t have to work it out on your own and you don’t have to do it alone” 

*This is the 100 year plan

To meet Dr Cheryl Chapman on the red carpet come and join us at Make The News London