The #STARDUST FACTOR by Dr Marina Nani

From Inspiration to Manifestation

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I don’t know about you, but I never had a vision board. It is Mother’s day today and I never imagined that I could feel and be so happy, so proud being the mother of my children… I love my life as is, I am grateful for the good, the bad, the ugly, but I will never agree to limit myself to a vision board… Who am I to decide that only things I can imagine are possible? What about the most amazing, unimaginable life, the unthinkable success, people I could help become the far-fetched, mind-blowing success?

My children and your children, always inspired me to play to my strengths, to turn challenges into opportunities, to create and deliver value. Today my children brought me flowers and a card with a message that made me cry with joy, but that is another story, and you could read it in my latest book series ” Your Stardust Story- 1001 inspirational stories from around the world”. Today I want to tell you a bit more about your children future and your Stardust Factor.

I missed our special guests this Friday at Make The News London. My son, Darie who produces the show for BYP TV, did not hesitate to interview each and every one of my guests. He knows that no matter what, the show must go on- sharing somebody’s inspirational story it is not about me, or about the people I interview for The Stardust Hour, but about the people we can help together.

Dr Yvonne Thompson, Founder of Wintrade Week London and Gulruck Khan, Co-founder, interviewed for BYP TV (

On reflection, each story can help at least another person to change their own story for better. Each inspirational story could sparkle something extraordinary in the audience and ignite the mindset changes that in turn will produce a better reality. Since I retired, I shared well over two thousand stories, and each story is as powerful as the next one. Each storyteller helps you match your reality to what you think, to what your reality could be. Afterall, your life is a movie, and you are producing your movie, except that you are not acting somebody else’s role. You play your own role, with authenticity and confidence, knowing that nobody could ever be you!

What drives your STARDUST factor?

The time we have on this earth is very limited and, after being an accomplished but exhausted executive for more than two decades without weekends or holidays, I retired from my business, when I was fifty-one years old.  I went on a book tour around the world for one thousand days and I am now fifty-six years young. While globetrotting, writing book after book, I had to unlearn what I knew, make room for what I did not know about myself, learn the power of words while teaching social edification. Discovering new Stardust Souls, connecting with total strangers, including yourself, is bewildering, eye-opening and for me, personally, constitutes the most astonishing Eureka moments of all times.

Most of the people I’ve met are now published authors, radio presenters, tv presenters, brand journalists, reporting the good news around the world. They acknowledged their Stardust and now are sharing their talent, confident that they deliver their vision, not for their own ego, but for the Greater Good. From “imagining” to delivering value, is a long way, but gives you a creative edge, a strong desire to turn challenges into opportunities and this is what I call the Stardust Factor.

Do you think you are NOT ready? You are allowed to remember-not, who you are, what you want, where are you going. Each time you do not make a decision to take responsibility for your talent, you make another decision- you make the decision to CHANGE NOTHING. Progress is only possible when you move along,  towards your dream, getting closer to the understanding that you have it all, including the resources you need to achieve the results you want. If you want… The vision board is not going to work for you, you work on your vision board.

Become The Opportunity you seek

Dr Chantal Clairicia and Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu sharing their passion for helping women become financially independent. Meet them at Wintrade London

Most people who are desperately chasing opportunities, working so hard to please others, feeling an unbearable void inside. How many times you asked yourself: “How do I find my purpose?” I want to put your mind at ease, your purpose doesn’t exist in the outer world, you already have it, you are your Purpose. Your purpose is to grow into the person who can deliver your life mission, be comfortable in your own skin. You are good enough!  Find your truth, endorse your Vision, don’t wait round to be told who you could be, become your Inner Teacher, become the opportunity you seek.

I see life as this karmic coin, on one side you have your past, with all the lessons you learned, and on the other side you have your vision, born from all that had happened for you in the past. Unless you activate your vision, create your own reality, make your worth going round, like a priceless coin, you don’t own your life like a Sovereign. To be recognised for your achievements, for your sacrifices, for what you know, and who you are, you have to change the story you tell yourself, about yourself, when nobody is listening.

Life is not about finding yourself or re-inventing yourself, life is about delivering the best version of yourself, your unique gift, the talent you are working on to master it and gift it back into the world.

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No Winter survive Spring by Dr.Marina Nani


Quiet Sunday morning. Spring is coming out from underneath the layers of frozen mud and snow, I feel the joy already… My steps are making an edgy noise breaking the silence, like an old flooring which needs replacing…Perhaps most people look through the window right now, grateful is Sunday and could stay indoors today, wondering if Monday is landing more treacherous winds and biting colds.
Back indoors I am reading Roger Cheetham’ s book and start writing the foreword for it, which in many ways is like making the first baby step forward your heart.

I want to prepare you for what is in for you once you start reading and connect you with the Author’s core message. My few paragraphs have to tell you what is possible when reading this book but I find “The Life You Deserve- Surviving trauma through Empathy and Inner Peace” to be more than just a book. 


For the very first time since I start reading books before they are published and have the privilege to write a foreword for the author, I feel it is important to use words in a certain way, as this book is not just another 220 pages somebody wrote to be published about them, and free themselves from what was holding them back, or realise who they could really become once they publish a book… “The Life You Deserve” makes your acquaintance with the ten most amazing people who are sharing their story in this book, who are the very fabric of empathy and Inner Peace…

I finish reading Roger’s book knowing that no winter can survive Spring

Come along, meet Roger Cheetham and the ten extraordinary people who shared their true story from the heart
who are joining us on the red carpet

Watch The Life You Deserve Show with Roger on BYP TV who interviews his first guest on set, Gayle Edwards


The Authors Awards

LOTHUS FLOWER by Dr Marina Nani

The Soul is like the Lotus Flower

My friends moved to a new house and I was in their garden, to celebrate their Big Move. Same friends who can’t stop smilling now, were in a very dark place just few months ago… Before moving here, they have been living in a different house for two decades and even they redesigned every single corner, the space was getting smaller with each new baby, with each extra bed, with each extra pair of shoes… Accumulating so many things over the years, with their little children turning into young adults, they were in bad need of a change.

Struggling for years with the lack of space, their marriage was at risk. Each time I would call them, they would be in the middle of a raw or crisis of some sort. It broke my heart to see them suffering for no real reason. To talk them out from their unjustifiable but countless arguments, I told them that I was looking for a house in that part of the country, for my weekends, away from everything, so I can write as many books as I want and enjoy long walks in between. They offered to help me find such place. While we were viewing few properties, I said to my friend: ‘Why don’t you buy this house yourself? Would be perfect for your family!’ with a very sad voice Jane said: ‘I wish. We cannot move anymore; we tried for a very long time; nobody is going to buy our house fast enough, so we can buy another home in good time. We tried few times, lost money and did not work.’

I said nothing, but I insisted she was coming with me each time, because I knew she will fall in love with one of these houses available on the market and they could take it from there.


Negotiating your Destiny is numbers’ game

Also, I asked her to go looking without me, on my behalf, as I was travelling abroad most of the time. One day I had a miss call from Jane and when I called her back she was crying, telling me how she found this house which is perfect for them and it will sell fast. I told her that I was planning to pay them a visit anyway and she could tell me all about it when we meet, but until then she needs to imagine herself in this beautiful kitchen making me some apple pie. She really makes the most amazing apple pie!

Amongst other things, as a result of arguments and constant tension in their marital home, Jane was not well at all, and the doctor recommended some pills to help her sleep. One thing after another, since my last visit which was less than a month ago, she turned into a nervous wreck, not talking to her children, her husband or any of her friends anymore.

I sat her down and for 15 minutes I explained exactly how they could buy this new home and keep the old house as an investment property which is going to pay both mortgages.

For the whole week following our talk, she asked me a million questions, but each time I will give her a simple answer and some strategic ‘home work’: instructing her solicitors, meeting the bank manager, negotiating a price bellow market value, what to say, when to say, what to ask for, when to ask, when to say nothing, that sort of things. At first she said: ‘Doesn’t make sense’ but then she realised that everything she learned was working like a charm and she was taking more notes during our talks, as the battle plan was progressing well and she was approaching completion date.

Planting the seeds of your new reality

A dream they gave up a while ago, now it was a project, and kept her very busy; she would go bed in the evening and sleep like a log. There were no more prescriptions from doctors, no more heated arguments.

The seed I’ve planted it was their new reality: they moved to their dream home, while they were making a positive cashflow and paying both mortgages, from the rental income received from the old house.

One day, we were in the garden, where I discovered a little pond, hidden under a collapssing shed-summer roof. The water was really murky but there it was the most unexpected beauty you could imagine: a lotus flower floating silently in a dark corner. Without asking for my friends’ permission, I dragged down the roof cover which was hanging loosly on top of the pond.

They both looked at me and said: ‘What are you doing? Somebody will come next week and clear the place. We don’t need this pond; it is too hard to maintain the water clean and tidy, and, the estate agent said it doesn’t do anything for the value of the house’. Same estate agent who told them that they don’t stand a chance to buy another house…

You are the Lothus Flower

I said nothing but when they invited me for a B&Q that weekend, in about three days time, I said ‘Yes, I will be here the night before’. I went back there late in the evening before their homewarming party and stayed over that night. In the morning I went to the pond to watch the lotus bud coming to life.

I was mesmerised watching the little immaculate flower emerging from that dirty water and I could not keep it to myself. I went back into the house and dragged my friends  out of their new big bedroom. They were still sleepy in their pg’s but followed me into the garden, half asleep. We were watching together the bud unfolding in front of our very eyes, coming live from the murky water and it was so phenomenally beautiful that none of us could say a word… It was absolutely exquisite! The purity of the unfolding flower sitting on that stagnant, dirty water was such a powerful image of energy and took us by total surprise.

We had our coffee in silence that early morning and then Jane came to me, with tears in her eyes, but this time were tears of joy, and said:

‘You saved our marriage and the Lotus Flower’

Little she knew that she was the Lotus Flower.


PS: Still looking for a place of inspiration by water, please get in touch if you know it.

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Be The Sovereign of your own Life by Dr Marina Nani

Sovereign, Global Magazine for Executives and Leading Entrepreneurs – new adventure into Culture and Diversity , as seen in our society in 2018. In this issue we look back at The Stardust Awards and bring you the stories of all the winners from around the world.

Featuring interviews with Dr Pauline Long, Gulrukh Khan and Arthur Woods. Contributing articles from Great Britain: Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee, Dr Gill Barham, Dr Wendy Sneddon, Dr Emily Grossman, DR. KADIYALI M SRIVATSA, Profesor Chris Imafidon, Ben Chai . Contributing articles fromSingapore: Maria Pressentin, and  Switzerland:Dario Cucci.

Created by Dr. Marina Nani and Darie Nani. Photography by Olga Solovei. A Radio W.O.R.K.S. World  publication.


Your story can turn you into an avid traveller

When you head out into the unknown, to see the world or even for a business trip over the pond or for a night out in Paris, there is always a chance that boarding your airplane will take longer than you think. At some point, I stopped counting the hours between flights and start looking at ways of enjoying that magic time, when you are not on London time, nor Singapore time, but on your own time.

At first, my books turned me into a travel fanatic, jumping from one airline to another, from one town I never visited before to the next conference and back to the next red eye flight, same night…For years I travelled from one continent to another and spend endless hours on hundreds of terminals, relaxing on those posh lounges… Before I retired and start writing books, I developed a certain skin sensibility and as much as I love reading, I have to avoid contact with any chemicals, even the newspaper’s ink will be a bad idea, and the only option left while waiting to board next flight, was browsing through magazines for hours!

After opening thousands of magazines with stunning pictures, from lipstick that reminds you of Rembrandt and Manolo Blahnik’s shoes to die for, from private jets and luxury mansions, I start wondering, where are the people behind these exquisite products, where is the story?

My travels turned me into a Storyteller

While thinking that perhaps I am not the only one missing the kind of magazines that wear a  beating heart in their sleeves, magazines where you could actually read about real people, and feel inspired, the idea of a magazine that connects you with the real story of  people who live an extraordinary life, start growing into a vision, then into a business plan, and eventually, my love affair with books and travels turned me into a storyteller…Imagine, magazines where each page tells you a story you never heard before…

I’ve met so many amazing men and women, true givers, serving their family, their community, a great cause or driven by their passion, and yet, they don’t feel worthy of any recognition, do not know how to receive the recognition they deserve. Perhaps, the thought of receiving a simple thank you would make them feel very uncomfortable, to say the least.

Here we are, offering you a magazine that tells you a story on each page! Don’t tell anyone, but my wildest dream is to inspire you to share your own story next…


If you want to stay on your local time this spring, don’t worry, you could find Sovereign Magazine even at the coffee shop or the heliport next door to my place. If you can’t wait till your next trip, just download your copy from here. Enjoy!

Rising Icarus launches Heavy Falcon by Dr Marina Nani


If you read the story of a very skilled craftsman who lived in Athens, Daedalus, you know that he crafted his own wings out of wax and feathers and asked his son, Icarus, to follow his path of flight. Icarus did not listen to his father’s instructions and went too close to the sun and the heat melted the wax and Icarus fell into the sea, which now is called Icarian Sea.

While this was happening thousands of years ago, the history repeats itself and is happening in modern age, each day…Who doesn’t want to fly? This year we witnessed Elon Musk launching Heavy Falcon and giving his car not a pair of wings but a spaceship to travel farther out into the Solar System than originally planned!

At some point in your life, you are the one who wants to survive the Labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur. It is in your nature to want to be more, and you know in your heart of hearts, deep inside of your mind, YOU KNOW that it must be more to life than just getting up in the morning for the rat race- going to work, just to come back, sleep, wake up, go work, come back… You know that being a brick in somebody else’s wall, is a good thing, but at the end of the day, you are what you think you are, a brick…not an edifice.

When I retired from my business I was fifty-one years old, and I am now fifty- six years young. What happened since? When back in 2012, my children brought me a gift for Mother’s Day, it wasn’t a bunch of flowers or a pair of sunglasses, like the years before…It was an online program on how to write a book. As ridiculous as the idea of writing a book sounded at the time, I took the challenge and followed all the instructions to a tee. After all, it was an expensive gift and my children were asking me all the time ” when is the book coming out?”

Eventually, I wrote my first book, by hand, but, I was giving up, as my book title was rejected six times. Suddenly, that summer, I received a phone call from my book architect, Lori Murphy, who, with masterful guidance gave me the book title on the spot, over the phone and managed to publish and launch the book  in Toronto two months later. While I was delivering my book on stage, Lori gave birth, at the same time, to her beautiful son, but on her way back from hospital, she came to meet me at the book launch. This was the most emotional moment I ever experienced and I will treasure it for as long as I live.

I was deeply inspired by Lori’s passion for helping others, and equally fascinated by some of the people who came along to my books launches, around the world, on five continents, people I could only imagine before! My mentors did not build the wings for me, instead they showed me the sun and the sky and said: BE!

Since, I launched a platform for genius farmers ( www.RadioWorks.World) , who plant the seeds of greatness and, together, we grow those seeds into fruit baring trees. We share your story on radio, tv, magazines and stage. In fewer words,  I learned to grow and fly on my own wings. You could grow yours and fly on your own wings, and never fall into Icarus’ Sea.



In hindsight, I really had no idea what was happening since launching these books all over the world, and I wasn’t sure why everybody wanted to hear my story, I didn’t even know I have a story… Not receiving a pair of wax wings together with a set of instructions and the choice to follow or un-follow them, it wasn’t easy, but I am so grateful for not receiving those wings!…it helped me understand a very powerful truth, a breakthrough lesson I could never imagine:

It doesn’t matter what you receive, or you don’t receive from life- what really matters is what you do with what you receive, or you don’t receive in life. Especially, what you do with what you don’t receive! I am so grateful for what I did not receive!

Five years later, I had written a book for each year of my life, not because I planned for it, but because I can’t help it. I wake up at 4 am in the morning to write down a thought and turn it into a message, a message that comes to me, but I know is not mine to hold. The message is coming to me at first, but it is for me to share ( as an article, a post or a book) with the people who need that message, that story…I am not planning to stop anytime soon! My Big Dream is to help at least 1000 people become Purposeful Leaders, true millionaires within the next 1000 days and launch The Stardust Prosperity Movie who inspires more people to overcome their own limiting beliefs. 1000 people or more who, in turn, can lead with purpose, another 1000 people or more!

As my own story evolves into modern age, I am now surrounded by hundreds of thousands of extraordinary people who are on a path to create and deliver value, impact modern society in a good way, thinkers, artists, visionaries, politicians, academics, celebrities and successful business people. I listen to their story on my show (Your Stardust Story) and each one of them shows limitless talent, passion and desire to give more. They are no different than Daedalus who wants to help Icarus to escape the Labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur…

While acknowledging this abundance of genius I can’t help but ask myself:

“How comes that so many abundant people are so poor? How comes we still have poverty on this planet?”



It is obvious to me that no matter how clear you make the instructions coming with the wax wings, there is always the chance that Icarus is going to be fascinated by the new-found freedom of flying in the sky and going too close to the Sun…On reflection, a good mentor teaches you to dare but a Master teaches you to grow and fly on your own wings.
Personal development is an industry which, for most of us, holds the same fascination Icarus had for the Sun and hundreds of thousands of students are falling into the Icarus Sea. From where I am, listening to thousands of stories each year, persobal development is an industry I left  behind with gratitude. I SEE the world with a fresh pair of eyes: I see the rise of a new wave of Icarus, who are too smart to follow old instructions but are daring enough to grow and fly on their own wings.
Purposeful leadership is a real eruption of emotional intelligence, originating within the mist of political and economic change. More and more purposeful leaders, are awakening into their truth, while endorsing their own vision. After five years, my original dream has become a vision and my vision is now a reality. Together with my team of Genius Farmers, with my #STARDUST Team, we run two magazines, a radio and last week, a book I wrote three years ago (“Away from Home- Broadcast your Passion”) was transformed into a tv channel, Broadcast Your Passion.
We launched BYP TV, as a response to an overwhelming demand for sharing big dreams, to inspire more Purposeful Leaders to broadcast their Passion.

BYP brings you completely original programming focusing on culture and diversity, including interviews with up and coming stars and influencers from the world of business, fashion, art and culture. As well as live coverage of events from around the UK as we delve into discovering the true passion that drives today’s creatives and tomorrow’s game changers.

To summarise what is happening right outside the personal development gates, a new industry is born- Social Edification- Building up Purposeful Leaders.

As I savour my coffee this morning, this moment it never been so precious… I am watching Dr Gill Barham’s latest Show – The Vitality Hour on BYP TV, and reading, fresh from press, Dr Wendy Sneddon’s article in Sovereign Magazine. And loving those two extraordinary women, my fellow Genius Farmers, who inspire me each day with their limitless passion to help others, I can’t help but wonder:

How many raising Icarus are going farther out into the Solar System than originally planned?

Join us on #BYP TV, Be inspired! Next

Be my special guest, share Your Stardust Story – your interview is long overdue!


Nothing compares to you by Dr Marina Nani

Transformational Leadership through inspiration



Leadership, by James McGregor Burns is a book published four decades ago which introduced transformational leadership known as a process where “leaders and their followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation.”

According to James McGregor Burns, leaders work with their team to identify the need of a certain change, create a vision and commit to delivering the change through inspiration. His concept influenced other transformational leaders, it is studied at world class universities and brought him a Pulitzer Prize, among other recognitions and awards.

What would humanity be without transformational leaders?

How many leaders do you know who inspire you raise at the highest level of morality and motivation?


We live in a very cynical world and modern competition is making new rules that are conditioning you to become somebody you are not. Yet, nothing compares to you. Are you aware that you are the only one who can be you?

We witness a social shift, and people know there is more, they want to further their education but without a system that works, recording fast results is a true challenge. I asked hundreds of people who join us this year how was their experience of sharing their story, and they all said that they feel inspired to be more.  Imagine what is available when billions of people feel empowered to share their own story and receive the recognition they deserve…

Become your best Spokesperson

I am very grateful for joining the MTN team in our efforts to create and deliver the good news. Since October 2016 we shared well over two thousand stories, online, in print, books, magazines, in front of the camera, and on stage. At the #Stardust awards 2017 in London, people from around the world created a feast for the soul, sharing their story, giving and feeling abundant. It is my intention to keep sharing your news with the world and become a limitless source of inspiration!

Over the years I’ve invested in countless personal development programs, I went around to world and spoke on five continents, I’ve met very rich and very poor people. I’ve met thousands and thousands of total strangers, including myself. And, yet, I felt that more needs to be done. The Quantum of Light and Sovereign, are the magazines I wish somebody else could offer me when I first adventured into transformational leadership.

From one hand we have 5% of the population who are aware of their unique talent and create prosperity for themselves, from the other hand we have 95% of the population who don’t know who they are and focus on what they don’t have, in a terrible trance of struggles.

Our new adventure is the BYP – TV Channel and I want to invite you to be interviewed on my talk show (The #Stardust Show). Broadcast your Passion teaches the art and science of being authentic, and focus on your existing abilities and strengths, as an individual who leads with purpose. Where do you start to lead? Leading your own life, being your own Sovereign is the starting point of inner greatness. I am fully aware that un-learning what society conditioned you to believe- think- behave, is a tall order. My own children, like millions of other students, were told that being average is a safe route and that alone, is heart-breaking, to say the least. Do you want your children or grandchildren to think they are average just because they were told to be so?

Raise above all challenges, become visible

Most people are not even aware of their genius, and they will find it hard, if not impossible, to accept that their genius is the very fabric of their DNA. Executives and leading entrepreneurs are kind and giving people, but they have to learn how to receive the recognition they deserve. In my own experience giving without receiving blocks your energy flowing into the right direction. Learning to receive the recognition you deserve, makes you abundant and generous.

BYP is a total branding solution for people who make a significant difference locally and deserve to be known globally. To become the face of good news, you need to inspire others to see themselves with a fresh pair of eyes. Imagine what is possible when you elevate each person you meet. Imagine what could happen when nobody would look down on anyone, anymore, unless they want to lift them up.

While there are thousands of great programs available online, we create the experience of being recognized for your talent, and be the leader of your industry. BYP inspires you to think strategically and focus on your strengths through communication, compassion and congruency.

If you want to make the headlines and front-page news with our tv channel or our business newspaper, your story matters.

In the month of November alone over 14,000 people joined our list.

If you want to inspire your team, your colleagues, co-workers and clients, what better way to publicise all your news than sharing your story? If you want your ideal clients to receive your latest news, what better way than delivering the news yourself on the only Good News TV Channel?

Nothing compares to you. 

Join me in January at Make The News London

Become the opportunity you seek.

#STARDUST Show- Interview slot

Manhattan Beach Pier by Dr Marina Nani

What are best ways to deliver the value I create for this world?

For some people life is a vision board, for me is a walk on Manhattan Beach Pier. Few years back, I’ve took 928 feet walk on Manhattan Beach Pier that changed the way I see myself. As I went along towards the end of the pier, I could see the sky and the ocean becoming one, and the closer I watched them, the more clearly, I could SEE them as one single reality, and I could see myself and my purpose as one single reality. If my life is the ocean and my purpose is the sky, they are only one, they can’t be divided into two entities, even, by definition, they are two worlds apart.

After my Eureka moment, I go back to Manhattan Beach Pier each time I need a renewed sense of clarity. Each time I go back to the pier, my dream becomes a vision and that vision becomes my only reality.

After each barefoot walk on the Manhattan Beach Pier, I take small steps towards my big dream, but I take massive risks with each step. Looking back, before taking this “now or never” path, I ask myself better questions. One of the question I had to ask myself more often, almost daily is:

” Why people like to create so much value but are reluctant to deliver it?”

While the higher power communicates with humans, and gives humans the inspiration they need to invent new concepts and turn big ideas into better realities, it is up to us, humans, to deliver or not. It is not what life gives you or doesn’t give you, is what you do with what life gives you or doesn’t give you…From all I know, a struggle is more important than you might think, and each struggle you are blessed with, is your opportunity to discover an unique solution to it. Here is the simple truth about your purpose: what you do with it once you have it, it is a very personal choice- but that choice makes or breaks your purpose.

What exactly do I want to achieve in the next 1000 days?

Since I took that walk for very first time, I had a place to go back “home” each time I had doubts about my purpose, each time social conditioning, limiting beliefs and negative circumstances tried to pull me out from this new reality where I know I am my purpose. Knowing that your purpose is not an external goal, or destination, makes it very clear: you are who you make of yourself, and your only purpose is to become the best you could be in any given situation, each day, when nobody is watching, when nobody could witness what is happening within you. Actually, I have a word that sums it, a bit of warning here, this new word is made up from two words: Winning and Within= Withing.

On reflection, looking back at 2017, it would be fair to say that I took a massive risk, and placed a cardiac arrest bid on a black horse, before the horse could enter the Inner Circle. Do I have regrets investing in people who did not deliver expectations or maybe did not even show up when it was their turn to show up? The truth is that I would not change a single step of the way that brought me where I am today, four days before 2017 is closing its doors.  Each time I placed a bid this year, I did not expect anyone else to enter the Inner Circle, so others could SEE the horse in the Inner Circle and place a bid on that horse. I am the black horse. I place the bid on me. I know that if a big dream visits me, I already have everything I need to turn it into a vision I all I have to do is to focus on what I have, forget what I don’t have. It is unfair to wait for the perfect moment to come for me. I take this present moment and turn it into a perfect moment. without worrying what others would think or not think of me. I am my purpose, not chasing it. Any challenge is nothing but an opportunity for you to become the opportunity you seek.

I am truly grateful for everything I did not receive from life because each challenge made me who I am, becoming the opportunity I seek. In ” real” terms, I created a solution that I wish somebody could offer it to me when I was about to give up, when I could not go forward and could not go backwards and I felt stuck between my dream and my reality.

My Big dream is to end poverty and #STARDUST Prosperity is designed to empower at least 1,000 people to become millionaires within the next 1000 days.  This is not just another dream but an evolving vision impacting the way you see yourself as an unique individual who is recognised for your true worth. The two magazines, Sovereign and The Quantum of Light, the Stardust Show, BYP- our new tv channel, Broadcast Your Passion, the new series or red-carpet events and exhibitions, are all designed to help you deliver your vision, the value you created already. In many ways, I left no rock unturned to give you the stage from where you could shine and step into your own light.

What is the purpose in my day to day life?

Do you feel trapped in this set of complicated circumstances, where you don’t really have a say…Do you feel that no matter what you do, nothing will change, no matter how hard you try, things will eventually stay the same? Maybe you feel that having a purpose is not something you could experience, even all these celebrities, high profile people already reached a point from where they all understand their life purpose? Maybe it is simply not for you to have a purpose? Maybe you are not selfish enough to drop everything and everyone who depends on you right now, to start looking for one- that is not you, being egocentric is not who you want to become…

I had those thoughts myself, for decades, and it took me a 928 feet walk on Manhattan Beach Pier to understand something that changed my life: I am my purpose. The Purpose of my daily existence is to become the person who can deliver my vision. Each time I am not sure where to go next, I fly there to take another barefoot walk, into the unknown.  And each time I go back into the “real” world knowing that I am limitless.

Join me on the next carpet experience and broadcast your passion

Prosperity comes in big numbers by Dr.Marina Nani

“Reserve a place at Crisis at Christmas”

Like most people, I was born into the Julian Calendar and for 2002 years people born before me did the same. I am not going to delve into what you, me and too many generations of intelligent, gifted people, missed for decades in their life, planning and calculating success based on others…miscalculations.

You can’t even keep anyone accountable for how they ‘pre- designed ‘ your life way before you were born, 2058 years ago…After all, I am known for creating The Good News Channel and I focus on what I have in front of me: YOU!

I don’t know about you, but, for me, Christmas doesn’t look like Christmas anymore…There is so much abundance and, yet, our society is in crisis, at best. Just to mention one of the challenges we all face while walking on our streets, how do you explain to your two years old granddaughter when she asked: WHY IS THIS MAN SLEEPING IN THE COLD?

Official reports show alarming numbers throughout independent analysis of the homelessness impacts of recent anti-development economic trends. While politicians, leaders, scientists and volunteers are working on new policies and each speech you heard this Christmas encourages you to care for those less fortunate than you, I can’t help but wonder: REALLY? When I first read “Reserve a place at Crisis at Christmas” I felt like an accomplice to a sinister jock… Is hosting a festive dinner for homeless people at Paddington Station on Christmas Day, when the train stop running, the solution, or just a superficial bandage to an old wound?


Chagrin, disappointments and confusion are coming into your life in raising numbers, while your bank account is going into smaller and smaller numbers, diminishing your confidence, and burying your dreams alive. Celebrating your Genius is a tall order. It is so much easier to deny your existing abilities, and decide to be insignificant, overwhelmed by your own dreams…The thought of giving up my Big Dream visited me many times since I start daring to dream big: Empowering at least 1000 people to become millionaires within 1000 days.

There is too much non-sense attached to this as called “personal development industry ” which is, largely, about “bums on seats”. As if that makes any sense…not to me anyway! Back in 2012 I had to speak in front of a very large audience and I had no idea that I have a story…then something magic had happened: I realised that my story is mine, but it is not mine to keep, it is mine to share. I am just the Messenger for somebody who is waiting for the good news.

Where do you find good news in a world where the only focus goes on “things” and people are just as good as their to do list. Is the world forgetting that human beings are not human doings?

In my own way I start minting a new coin, my own coin, on one side is my past with all the lessons and everything that had happened for me and on the other side my Vision. This is the tricky part: for your coin to be of value you have to deliver your vision.I have a wish to you my friend: Mint your own coin. Mind your own business. Focus on what matters: YOU! Trade the Julian Calendar algorithm for the #STARDUST Prosperity. I dare you: be your own sovereign! To overcome any challenge, you need to master only one of your existing abilities that matter the most in life: the ability to open the doors to your own heart. Once opened, the door to your own heart will never close again.

Gift yourself the gift of time, become memorable!

Good News doesn’t sell Newspapers by Dr Marina Nani

 Experiences shape your life

In modern times, wisdom is a sacred place, the promised land, and takes a lot of courage to enter it. What could lead you to wisdom? In my own experience, reflection is seconded by mirroring. Mirroring creates desire. Desire leads to Experience- the secret key to your Wisdom. You go through education and come out bankrupt, not only financially but emotionally. You learn about others, you learn what others teach you about great leaders, inventors, scientists, and it is a bit intimidating knowing how great other people are already, knowing that everything was invented already.  But nobody teaches about who you truly are, nobody helps you discover your own silent powers or how to master your unique talent and embrace your truth.

I see life as this karmic coin, on one side you have your past, with all the lessons you learned, and on the other side you have your vision, born from all that had happened for you in the past. Unless you activate your vision, create your own reality, make your worth going around, like a valuable coin, you don’t own your life like a Sovereign. To be recognised for your sacrifices, for what you know, and who you are, you have to change the story you tell yourself, about yourself, when nobody is listening. Life is not about finding yourself or re-inventing yourself, life is about delivering the best version of yourself, your unique gift, that you were given at birth.

Good News Vs. Bad News

Often is said that your success is influenced by the first five people you surround yourself with most of the time. While this might be true for some of us, nobody could tell you what to think, what to do or who to be. Being successful is a personal choice but for the most part, is dependent on your experiences.

When you have experiences that make you reflect on what is possible you start mirroring what you see, and that ignites your desire to be more, to have more and give more. Desire will allure you into allowing new experiences in your life, opening your mind into what is possible.

Unlike earthy things you own, and could be taken away from you without your consent, an Experience is something that nobody could take away from you, even if you lost everything else. Remembering what you done something as special as walking on a red carpet, made incredible connections with total strangers while sharing the space with extraordinary people of Significance, reminds you of who you could be, if you really want to make a significant difference.

There is a limitless hunger for visibility, coming from ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives, people outside the entertainment and movie industry, people who know the price of a pint of milk, who want to be seen, want to be heard. We live times when each one of us is awakening to a world of possibilities, we become more abundant as have something to give, and giving is making you resourceful.  Even local people who come with a simple solution to a specific struggle, could expand their reach to create and add value to others’ life, globally.  Nobody can guarantee your success, but most of the time, being successful is just a matter of being present at the right time, at the right place.

There are opportunities available, but not enough to serve the growing number of brilliant agents of change, visionaries, executives, leading entrepreneurs, creative people who want their voice to be heard, their solution to be shared. Those rare opportunities for interviews on tv or radio are overshadowed by bad news or big news, leaving nothing in between.

Apart from celebrities who are trained to be in front of the camera or a new sex scandal, who can go on prime time, who can make the headlines to sell the newspapers? While everybody is sick and tired of bad news, very few people are ready to make the good news. Others might think that good news can’t sell, but I like the challenge, as I know how empowering is for the person next door to make the news and showcase their story, their Stardust Story.


Visibility and the aftermath

Your Life is as good as your opportunities are, and while some people complain about having access to fewer opportunities than others, I think that I have the solution for it:  why not create the opportunity you seek?  Success is not about what you receive or you don’t receive in life, but about what you do about what you receive in life, and, especially what you don’t receive in life. The beauty of having great experiences is that you don’t need to create them, you just need to enter them, same way you walk into a palace for the first time. What drives me create experiences for our customers is not the stress of hosting events but the outcome of red carpet experiences, the possibility that you might reshape your life. Everything else is history…

Social, emotional, spiritual alienation 

When is last time when you felt listened to? My passion is to broadcast your passion, release inhibitions, help you feel listened, allow communication take place both ways. Social, emotional, spiritual alienation is now a terrible illness that kills dreams and progress in our society. Engagement is the cure and the outcome of Make The News. People are telling me how we change their life- they even walk differently after sharing their #STARDUST on our stage.

My life was totally transform after speaking on stage. And yes, it was a traumatic experience at the time, but what had happened, happened for me, not to me. It is my dream to bring more people on stage to share their story and broadcast from stage. It is my dream to help you share your genius, and se where the Stardust takes us next. We create and deliver the Stardust stage.  to promote each person who is part of the experience. We don’t want attendants but participants. Once you come to Make The News, London or to your own home town, you have no choice but to go on stage and speak, showcase your story, become your best spokesperson. Our official photographer and filming crew capture the essence of your brilliancy and your message is projected through professional pictures and filming. You will be shocked to see how being visible opens not only the door to magazines, radio and tv, but opens the door to your own heart, that door that once opened, never closes again.

The wave of emotional intelligence we create together at our red carpet experiences, it is not necessarily about you and me, but about the people who otherwise will carry their illness without even knowing that there is a name for it, and we have the cure.

Our next Red Carpet Experience takes us back to The Reading and Writing Room (Royal Horseguards Hotel in Central London) where Sir Winston Churchill re-wrote history, where George Bernard Shaw,  made a memorable impact and influenced on Western theatre, culture and politics for decades and beyond. Why not become memorable yourself, after all!  “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world” – George Bernard Shaw

Stardust Awards 2017

So… Magnesium…Why do we need it?

It’s a mineral that is very easy for the body to lose… You can’t magic magnesium!
Nowadays, we are at a disadvantage environmentally. Our soil contains less than 70% of the minerals content compared to 100 years ago and magnesium is not replenished by most growers.

Top Tip: If you grow your own… You can put magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) on your own veggie patch to enrich your produce.

  • A LACK of magnesium is implicated in so many conditions:
  • Circulatory
  • Poor circulation,
  • Heart attacks,
  • Blood pressure issues
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Cancer
  • Kidney problems
  • Constipation
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep issues
  • Migraines
  • Muscle pain
  • Bloating
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • ME
  • Fibromyalgia

Magnesium deficiency is often misdiagnosed because it does not show up in blood tests – only 1% of the body’s magnesium is stored in the blood.

So, what is happening that makes magnesium so important?

This is the science bit….. at a Cellular level…. we have 4 electrolytes that play a part in good health:

Calcium & Sodium. 
These 2 inhabit the outside of the cell for the most part.

Now if you have one or more of these:
– a stressful lifestyle,
– a poor diet consisting of processed or “on the go” food, which is high in saturated fats, sugar & salt,
or, if you have lots of
– milk products,
– wheat-based foods.
Then your body will be highly acidic. This starts changing the gut bacteria … And compromises the ability to process and absorb nutrients and then these factors make these 2 electrolytes over dominant.

Amongst other things, this has the effect of attracting water uptake – and extra sodium (salt) leads to bloating.

Magnesium & Potassium

These inhabit the inside of the cell and their role is to draw in lipids (fats) and clear out toxins from the cell.
At night magnesium and potassium move back into the cell to help the liver cleanse and detoxify ready for the next day.

First thing in the morning then, this is the happy situation for our cells but as the day progresses the charge in the cell is released and magnesium is lost.

In people with an auto-immune disease, such as Fibromyalgia and ME this movement is being hindered. Magnesium is important for energy in the cells (ATP) and we know that Magnesium is particularly good for ME type illnesses.

With an imbalance of these electrolytes, the cell is dehydrated or the cell is in a state of tension.
This is because Calcium and Sodium = constriction
And Potassium and Magnesium = relaxation

This inability for the cells to relax leads to conditions such as Asthma, Migraines. and Restless Legs Syndrome.
We are also more prone to Arthritis as Calcium is held in the joints.

Higher levels of Calcium also affect the formation of Arteriosclerosis and effects Cholesterol levels.

Magnesium is key to managing constipation as we need both movements of relaxation and constriction to create peristalsis. If magnesium levels are low there is no relaxation phase.

Magnesium also helps to keep stress hormones under control. Stress strips the body of magnesium. Leading to anxiety … Palpitations….and Weight loss…. or sometimes Weight gain. We also need magnesium to produce Serotonin, anti-depressants such as Prozac don’t replace magnesium!

Magnesium opens the glucose channels in the cell wall … So, without it insulin bounces off the cells. This is a factor in Insulin resistance and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. At the point of ovulation, magnesium levels drop. In the last 2 weeks of the menstrual cycle, they are very low. Because magnesium helps to process fats if they are lacking then you can’t produce Prostaglandins (the sex hormones) that balance the glandular system.

If suffering from PMT symptoms such as bloating and headaches are relieved by magnesium as this mineral changes the brain chemistry to establish a better electrolyte balance.

So, can you take too much? Yes, you could get hypotension! But this is only likely if on a low calcium diet. However, our food is rich in Calcium and is very commonly fortified.

Not only is Magnesium more prone to lose than any other, it is also very difficult to digest, as the cell wall, particularly if dehydrated, is hard. This is more common if you have low stomach acid and it is recommended that you improve stomach acid and peptides to ensure effectiveness.

When you take away stress ..which creates dehydration by the way…. the better you will digest your food. This is why it’s important to relax when you eat. We also need to address our thoughts, our body pH and practice how to breathe.

And finally – your CHOCOLATE CRAVINGS could be down to magnesium deficiency.


Top Tips:

Take magnesium away from food.
Drink 2 litres of water a day and add liquid chlorophyll. (Phtyolife)
Improve your digestion, with apple cider vinegar or correct supplements (contact Gill for advice)
Reduce stress
Look at alkalising your body with appropriate foods. (Correct breathing helps this too)

It takes up to a year to build up magnesium stores in the body – eating magnesium-rich foods will help but it is advisable to take a good quality supplement. I only use and recommend Body prime (I take 2-4 a day) you can get some here using my access code for a 10% discount 1810778


Look here too for the spearmint flavoured Chlorophyll drink mentioned above – Phytolife.

Dietary sources: Green leafy vegetables aren’t the only foods rich in magnesium and chlorophyll. Here are the top 10 foods high in magnesium that you will want to add into your diet. Amounts required for basic maintenance:

(Men RDA 400 milligrams and Women RDA 310 milligrams a day)

  1. Spinach — 1 cup: 157 milligrams
  2. Chard — 1 cup: 154 milligrams
  3. Pumpkin seeds — 1/8 cup: 92 milligrams
  4. Yogurt or Kefir — 1 cup: 50 milligrams
  5. Almonds — 1 ounce: 80 milligrams
  6. Black Beans — ½ cup: 60 milligrams
  7. Avocado — 1 medium: 58 milligrams
  8. Figs — ½ cup: 50 milligrams
  9. Dark Chocolate — 1 square: 95 milligrams
  10. Banana — 1 medium: 32 milligrams

Other foods that are also high in magnesium include salmon, coriander, goat cheese and artichokes.






Is a Transformational Elite Health Coach, and Author of “The Heart of a Woman – How to look after the heart you give to the world.”

A Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders – ATL and

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