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The #stardust movement

Dr Marina Nani

Stardust Celebrity Branding Master

Dr Cheryl Chapamn

Personal Change Master

Dr Gill Barham

Health & Lifestyle Master

Dr Wendy Sneddon

Leadership Master

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee

High Impact Profiling Master

Dr Marion Bevington

Public Speaking Master

Dr Darie Nani

Business Systems & Operations Master

Ben Green

Children's Active Health & Behaviour Coach

Bradley Chapman

Accelerated Business Coaching

Camelia Bogdan

Money Management Coach

Viola Edward

Breathwork Therapy Coach

Kim BridgeWright

Networking Coach

Michelle Watson

Breakthrough Coach

Rima Aleksandraviciute

Parenting Coach

Roger Cheetham

Trauma Recovery Coach

Philip Chan

10 Seconds Maths Expert

Ysanne Lewis

Art of Timing Expert and Advisor

Veronica Sosa

Self-development Coach

Jossine Abrahams

Domestic Abuse & Trauma Coach

Robert J. Moore

Behavioural & Substance Abuse Coach