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Make The News – London 04

May 31 @ 18:00 - 21:30 BST

£29 - £149

Ignored by the media?

Is your brand or company not getting the exposure it deserves? Are you not reaching your ideal clients?
Make your brand a success story with our monthly networking events where you can pitch your ideas to our panellists. Learn what approach best suits your PR needs. How to get publicity for yourself or your business and how to get media attention. Whether that is online, TV or print!
Connect with Brand Journalists and learn how to be featured in the media and get the coverage your brand deserves! Become the dynamic entrepreneur that journalists crave to meet and increase your exposure and visibility!

Our panellists offer a wealth of knowledge and specialise in Branding, business structuring, advertising, digital marketing and strategic thinking. They will provide pragmatic and easy to follow advice on how to raise your media profile straight away.

left to get your ticket. Sale ends on 30th May 2017, 10PM


With every event comes a different set of panelists, each with their own field of expertise and knowledge. Browse over their bio’s below for more information on each one. We recommend that you have your questions ready for them on the day of the event. Doing so will ensure you get relevant feedback which you can put into practice straight away.

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée

Neslyn's Bio

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE FCGI FRCN, Award Winner – 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders, an author, high performance executive coach, business psychologist, accredited international journalist, Radio Works World – Authors’ Award winner, honoured three times by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 of the UK and Commonwealth.

Dr Neslyn holds fellowships of the Royal Collage of Nursing (UK) and City and Guilds London Institute; Prince Phillip is the Patron. Dr Neslyn’s passion is to empower executives to master their leadership skills and leave a legacy for others to follow. She has a track record of supporting executives to transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary and from the impossible to the possible.

Dr Neslyn is a pioneer, she developed: a leadership demonstration programme for the NHS Executive in the UK; a mentoring programme for BBC network radio and trained the executives in the BBC to be effective mentors; and a career development programme for London Enterprise Agency that received a National Training Award from the Government Office for London.

Dr Neslyn has a very successful background in 25 years on various boards including 10 years as a Chairman for a National Health Service Commissioning Organisation in the UK with a budget of £500M.

Dr Neslyn is a prolific writer, author and Radio Works World Passion Show Host – Join Dr Neslyn on Radio Works World for great conversations.

Kim Bridge Wright

Kim's Bio
Founder, Forever Young Circle, Award Winning Author, is on a discovery journey, and while, after her first book in 2013, life never got easier for her, her second book ” Forever Young- Living it Forward and Paying it Back” is the solution for Authors who want to share their unique solution to millions. Kim developed a toolbox of resources which you could use to keep yourself young and vibrant, and to become better at the game called life.
How do you navigate through midlife and beyond?
Life is not a straight line but a string with a thousand knots, as you know it well, and perhaps there are moments when you can’t help but wonder:
Is it possible to constantly move forward and never doubt anything?
Is it possible to keep moving forward, learn to accept your miss-takes and be grateful for the lessons you learned the hard way? Is it possible to feel forever young, paying forward as if there is no limit to how much you can give? Do you have the gift of giving?
Join Kim’s Forever Young Circle!

Marina Nani

Marina's Bio

Founder of  Radio W.O.R.K.S. World- Broadcasting and Red Carpet Experiences, Make the News- Gala Events Worldwide, The Quantum of Light- Magazine for Authors and Author-to-be  and Sovereign- Magazine for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, Marina Nani is seen by others as an accomplished writer, but she sees herself as the GOOD NEWS CHANNEL.

WHY NOT! person, Marina Nani focus on delivering your unique content to a wide, receptive audience, to make the world a better place.

When she retired in 2012, she was fifty one years old and went away from home on a 1000 days book tour that turned to be a journey into serendipity. When Marina returned to London, she created an exceptional platform for story tellers, and in no time, the global family of Genius Farmers who gather together at Radio W.O.R.K.S. World to plant the seeds of Inner Greatness, is now the beginning of a new wave of Emotional Intelligence, The STARDUST Movement.

From where Marina Nani stands, the only story that matters is the story you tell yourself when nobody is listening. Her team of world class authors and speakers help you embrace your truth and endorse your own Vision, share your un- told story, discover your true worth, becoming your own spokesperson.

Being seen on the cover of magazines, being heard on radio and TV shows, being present on the red carpet, are just small hinges to swing big doors, the kind of doors that once open, they never close again: the doors to your own heart.

Is this for me?

If you are the entrepreneur looking to build a loyal customer base with no budget for advertising but a huge desire to succeed, then yes! If you want to learn how to pitch your story to media outlets globally and be taken seriously, then yes! If you want excellent advice at a fraction of the price you should pay, then yes!

What does Diamond/VIP include?

Diamond ticket holders will have priority seating at the front. The chance to tell their story to the audience with extended stage time! A one-on-one strategic session with one of our expert panellists, followed by a radio interview on Radio W.O.R.K.S. World (online or by phone)!

Who We Are

Radio W.O.R.K.S World brings together people of significance from around the world. Helping them to share their stories, their vision and their knowledge with a global audience! Over 100 hosts from over 30 countries are already using our platform to engage with new audiences. We strive to only provide honest and original content that is both uplifting and inspirational. From book authors to CEO’s and even Olympians, our hosts have actually walked the talk and can give an honest and true experience for all to enjoy and use for their own personal growth! Listen to them and their stories via our YouTube Channel and engage with them through live Q&A’s. Many are also available for speaking engagements, personal coaching and more! Scroll down to view more information on each host.

The Meaning Behind THE W.O.R.K.S.


Not just the money in your pocket or your bank balance but real wealth. The feeling that your life is a satisfying one, whether that is in your personal or professional life. We believe we all have the ability to be wealthy!


You are only as great as the opportunities you have. But why not also create them? Our hosts come from all walks of life and their stories are constant reminders that opportunity is something which you make and not just take.


The foundation of everything you are (the people around you). Whether this is family or friends, work colleagues or even rivals. Join our hosts as they dissect this most complicated of human interactions.

Key to Success

We believe each one of us can be successful. The strategy to success is different for everyone but strangely it is also very familiar. The best way to define your own keys to success is to listen to those who already have it and are happy to share their experience!


Ignored by the media? Now is the best time to go ON AIR! Research shows that effective communications will eclipse your competition and increase your visibility by 3 and a half times. Want to maximise your Credibility and Visibility ? Want to grow your Audience?
Want to attract Ideal Clients who are ready to pay you for the unfair advantage of learning from you?
Want to voice your message?
Be seen on magazines covers!
Be Heard on your Radio Show!
Be Present on stage! We Go Global- Be YOU!


May 31
18:00 - 21:30
£29 - £149
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Crown Plaza Battersea
Briges Wharf
London, SW11 3BC United Kingdom
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