Experiences shape your life

In modern times, wisdom is a sacred place, the promised land, and takes a lot of courage to enter it. What could lead you to wisdom? In my own experience, reflection is seconded by mirroring. Mirroring creates desire. Desire leads to Experience- the secret key to your Wisdom. You go through education and come out bankrupt, not only financially but emotionally. You learn about others, you learn what others teach you about great leaders, inventors, scientists, and it is a bit intimidating knowing how great other people are already, knowing that everything was invented already.  But nobody teaches about who you truly are, nobody helps you discover your own silent powers or how to master your unique talent and embrace your truth.

I see life as this karmic coin, on one side you have your past, with all the lessons you learned, and on the other side you have your vision, born from all that had happened for you in the past. Unless you activate your vision, create your own reality, make your worth going around, like a valuable coin, you don’t own your life like a Sovereign. To be recognised for your sacrifices, for what you know, and who you are, you have to change the story you tell yourself, about yourself, when nobody is listening. Life is not about finding yourself or re-inventing yourself, life is about delivering the best version of yourself, your unique gift, that you were given at birth.

Good News Vs. Bad News

Often is said that your success is influenced by the first five people you surround yourself with most of the time. While this might be true for some of us, nobody could tell you what to think, what to do or who to be. Being successful is a personal choice but for the most part, is dependent on your experiences.

When you have experiences that make you reflect on what is possible you start mirroring what you see, and that ignites your desire to be more, to have more and give more. Desire will allure you into allowing new experiences in your life, opening your mind into what is possible.

Unlike earthy things you own, and could be taken away from you without your consent, an Experience is something that nobody could take away from you, even if you lost everything else. Remembering what you done something as special as walking on a red carpet, made incredible connections with total strangers while sharing the space with extraordinary people of Significance, reminds you of who you could be, if you really want to make a significant difference.

There is a limitless hunger for visibility, coming from ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives, people outside the entertainment and movie industry, people who know the price of a pint of milk, who want to be seen, want to be heard. We live times when each one of us is awakening to a world of possibilities, we become more abundant as have something to give, and giving is making you resourceful.  Even local people who come with a simple solution to a specific struggle, could expand their reach to create and add value to others’ life, globally.  Nobody can guarantee your success, but most of the time, being successful is just a matter of being present at the right time, at the right place.

There are opportunities available, but not enough to serve the growing number of brilliant agents of change, visionaries, executives, leading entrepreneurs, creative people who want their voice to be heard, their solution to be shared. Those rare opportunities for interviews on tv or radio are overshadowed by bad news or big news, leaving nothing in between.

Apart from celebrities who are trained to be in front of the camera or a new sex scandal, who can go on prime time, who can make the headlines to sell the newspapers? While everybody is sick and tired of bad news, very few people are ready to make the good news. Others might think that good news can’t sell, but I like the challenge, as I know how empowering is for the person next door to make the news and showcase their story, their Stardust Story.


Visibility and the aftermath

Your Life is as good as your opportunities are, and while some people complain about having access to fewer opportunities than others, I think that I have the solution for it:  why not create the opportunity you seek?  Success is not about what you receive or you don’t receive in life, but about what you do about what you receive in life, and, especially what you don’t receive in life. The beauty of having great experiences is that you don’t need to create them, you just need to enter them, same way you walk into a palace for the first time. What drives me create experiences for our customers is not the stress of hosting events but the outcome of red carpet experiences, the possibility that you might reshape your life. Everything else is history…

Social, emotional, spiritual alienation 

When is last time when you felt listened to? My passion is to broadcast your passion, release inhibitions, help you feel listened, allow communication take place both ways. Social, emotional, spiritual alienation is now a terrible illness that kills dreams and progress in our society. Engagement is the cure and the outcome of Make The News. People are telling me how we change their life- they even walk differently after sharing their #STARDUST on our stage.

My life was totally transform after speaking on stage. And yes, it was a traumatic experience at the time, but what had happened, happened for me, not to me. It is my dream to bring more people on stage to share their story and broadcast from stage. It is my dream to help you share your genius, and se where the Stardust takes us next. We create and deliver the Stardust stage.  to promote each person who is part of the experience. We don’t want attendants but participants. Once you come to Make The News, London or to your own home town, you have no choice but to go on stage and speak, showcase your story, become your best spokesperson. Our official photographer and filming crew capture the essence of your brilliancy and your message is projected through professional pictures and filming. You will be shocked to see how being visible opens not only the door to magazines, radio and tv, but opens the door to your own heart, that door that once opened, never closes again.

The wave of emotional intelligence we create together at our red carpet experiences, it is not necessarily about you and me, but about the people who otherwise will carry their illness without even knowing that there is a name for it, and we have the cure.

Our next Red Carpet Experience takes us back to The Reading and Writing Room (Royal Horseguards Hotel in Central London) where Sir Winston Churchill re-wrote history, where George Bernard Shaw,  made a memorable impact and influenced on Western theatre, culture and politics for decades and beyond. Why not become memorable yourself, after all!  “Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world” – George Bernard Shaw

Stardust Awards 2017

Good News doesn’t sell Newspapers by Dr Marina Nani

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