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Leadership, by James McGregor Burns is a book published four decades ago which introduced transformational leadership known as a process where “leaders and their followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation.”

According to James McGregor Burns, leaders work with their team to identify the need of a certain change, create a vision and commit to delivering the change through inspiration. His concept influenced other transformational leaders, it is studied at world class universities and brought him a Pulitzer Prize, among other recognitions and awards.

What would humanity be without transformational leaders?

How many leaders do you know who inspire you raise at the highest level of morality and motivation?


We live in a very cynical world and modern competition is making new rules that are conditioning you to become somebody you are not. Yet, nothing compares to you. Are you aware that you are the only one who can be you?

We witness a social shift, and people know there is more, they want to further their education but without a system that works, recording fast results is a true challenge. I asked hundreds of people who join us this year how was their experience of sharing their story, and they all said that they feel inspired to be more.  Imagine what is available when billions of people feel empowered to share their own story and receive the recognition they deserve…

Become your best Spokesperson

I am very grateful for joining the MTN team in our efforts to create and deliver the good news. Since October 2016 we shared well over two thousand stories, online, in print, books, magazines, in front of the camera, and on stage. At the #Stardust awards 2017 in London, people from around the world created a feast for the soul, sharing their story, giving and feeling abundant. It is my intention to keep sharing your news with the world and become a limitless source of inspiration!

Over the years I’ve invested in countless personal development programs, I went around to world and spoke on five continents, I’ve met very rich and very poor people. I’ve met thousands and thousands of total strangers, including myself. And, yet, I felt that more needs to be done. The Quantum of Light and Sovereign, are the magazines I wish somebody else could offer me when I first adventured into transformational leadership.

From one hand we have 5% of the population who are aware of their unique talent and create prosperity for themselves, from the other hand we have 95% of the population who don’t know who they are and focus on what they don’t have, in a terrible trance of struggles.

Our new adventure is the BYP – TV Channel and I want to invite you to be interviewed on my talk show (The #Stardust Show). Broadcast your Passion teaches the art and science of being authentic, and focus on your existing abilities and strengths, as an individual who leads with purpose. Where do you start to lead? Leading your own life, being your own Sovereign is the starting point of inner greatness. I am fully aware that un-learning what society conditioned you to believe- think- behave, is a tall order. My own children, like millions of other students, were told that being average is a safe route and that alone, is heart-breaking, to say the least. Do you want your children or grandchildren to think they are average just because they were told to be so?

Raise above all challenges, become visible

Most people are not even aware of their genius, and they will find it hard, if not impossible, to accept that their genius is the very fabric of their DNA. Executives and leading entrepreneurs are kind and giving people, but they have to learn how to receive the recognition they deserve. In my own experience giving without receiving blocks your energy flowing into the right direction. Learning to receive the recognition you deserve, makes you abundant and generous.

BYP is a total branding solution for people who make a significant difference locally and deserve to be known globally. To become the face of good news, you need to inspire others to see themselves with a fresh pair of eyes. Imagine what is possible when you elevate each person you meet. Imagine what could happen when nobody would look down on anyone, anymore, unless they want to lift them up.

While there are thousands of great programs available online, we create the experience of being recognized for your talent, and be the leader of your industry. BYP inspires you to think strategically and focus on your strengths through communication, compassion and congruency.

If you want to make the headlines and front-page news with our tv channel or our business newspaper, your story matters.

In the month of November alone over 14,000 people joined our list.

If you want to inspire your team, your colleagues, co-workers and clients, what better way to publicise all your news than sharing your story? If you want your ideal clients to receive your latest news, what better way than delivering the news yourself on the only Good News TV Channel?

Nothing compares to you. 

Join me in January at Make The News London

Become the opportunity you seek.

#STARDUST Show- Interview slot

Nothing compares to you by Dr Marina Nani

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