“Reserve a place at Crisis at Christmas”

Like most people, I was born into the Julian Calendar and for 2002 years people born before me did the same. I am not going to delve into what you, me and too many generations of intelligent, gifted people, missed for decades in their life, planning and calculating success based on others…miscalculations.

You can’t even keep anyone accountable for how they ‘pre- designed ‘ your life way before you were born, 2058 years ago…After all, I am known for creating The Good News Channel and I focus on what I have in front of me: YOU!

I don’t know about you, but, for me, Christmas doesn’t look like Christmas anymore…There is so much abundance and, yet, our society is in crisis, at best. Just to mention one of the challenges we all face while walking on our streets, how do you explain to your two years old granddaughter when she asked: WHY IS THIS MAN SLEEPING IN THE COLD?

Official reports show alarming numbers throughout independent analysis of the homelessness impacts of recent anti-development economic trends. While politicians, leaders, scientists and volunteers are working on new policies and each speech you heard this Christmas encourages you to care for those less fortunate than you, I can’t help but wonder: REALLY? When I first read “Reserve a place at Crisis at Christmas” I felt like an accomplice to a sinister jock… Is hosting a festive dinner for homeless people at Paddington Station on Christmas Day, when the train stop running, the solution, or just a superficial bandage to an old wound?


Chagrin, disappointments and confusion are coming into your life in raising numbers, while your bank account is going into smaller and smaller numbers, diminishing your confidence, and burying your dreams alive. Celebrating your Genius is a tall order. It is so much easier to deny your existing abilities, and decide to be insignificant, overwhelmed by your own dreams…The thought of giving up my Big Dream visited me many times since I start daring to dream big: Empowering at least 1000 people to become millionaires within 1000 days.

There is too much non-sense attached to this as called “personal development industry ” which is, largely, about “bums on seats”. As if that makes any sense…not to me anyway! Back in 2012 I had to speak in front of a very large audience and I had no idea that I have a story…then something magic had happened: I realised that my story is mine, but it is not mine to keep, it is mine to share. I am just the Messenger for somebody who is waiting for the good news.

Where do you find good news in a world where the only focus goes on “things” and people are just as good as their to do list. Is the world forgetting that human beings are not human doings?

In my own way I start minting a new coin, my own coin, on one side is my past with all the lessons and everything that had happened for me and on the other side my Vision. This is the tricky part: for your coin to be of value you have to deliver your vision.I have a wish to you my friend: Mint your own coin. Mind your own business. Focus on what matters: YOU! Trade the Julian Calendar algorithm for the #STARDUST Prosperity. I dare you: be your own sovereign! To overcome any challenge, you need to master only one of your existing abilities that matter the most in life: the ability to open the doors to your own heart. Once opened, the door to your own heart will never close again.

Gift yourself the gift of time, become memorable!


Prosperity comes in big numbers by Dr.Marina Nani

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