If you read the story of a very skilled craftsman who lived in Athens, Daedalus, you know that he crafted his own wings out of wax and feathers and asked his son, Icarus, to follow his path of flight. Icarus did not listen to his father’s instructions and went too close to the sun and the heat melted the wax and Icarus fell into the sea, which now is called Icarian Sea.

While this was happening thousands of years ago, the history repeats itself and is happening in modern age, each day…Who doesn’t want to fly? This year we witnessed Elon Musk launching Heavy Falcon and giving his car not a pair of wings but a spaceship to travel farther out into the Solar System than originally planned!

At some point in your life, you are the one who wants to survive the Labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur. It is in your nature to want to be more, and you know in your heart of hearts, deep inside of your mind, YOU KNOW that it must be more to life than just getting up in the morning for the rat race- going to work, just to come back, sleep, wake up, go work, come back… You know that being a brick in somebody else’s wall, is a good thing, but at the end of the day, you are what you think you are, a brick…not an edifice.

When I retired from my business I was fifty-one years old, and I am now fifty- six years young. What happened since? When back in 2012, my children brought me a gift for Mother’s Day, it wasn’t a bunch of flowers or a pair of sunglasses, like the years before…It was an online program on how to write a book. As ridiculous as the idea of writing a book sounded at the time, I took the challenge and followed all the instructions to a tee. After all, it was an expensive gift and my children were asking me all the time ” when is the book coming out?”

Eventually, I wrote my first book, by hand, but, I was giving up, as my book title was rejected six times. Suddenly, that summer, I received a phone call from my book architect, Lori Murphy, who, with masterful guidance gave me the book title on the spot, over the phone and managed to publish and launch the book  in Toronto two months later. While I was delivering my book on stage, Lori gave birth, at the same time, to her beautiful son, but on her way back from hospital, she came to meet me at the book launch. This was the most emotional moment I ever experienced and I will treasure it for as long as I live.

I was deeply inspired by Lori’s passion for helping others, and equally fascinated by some of the people who came along to my books launches, around the world, on five continents, people I could only imagine before! My mentors did not build the wings for me, instead they showed me the sun and the sky and said: BE!

Since, I launched a platform for genius farmers ( www.RadioWorks.World) , who plant the seeds of greatness and, together, we grow those seeds into fruit baring trees. We share your story on radio, tv, magazines and stage. In fewer words,  I learned to grow and fly on my own wings. You could grow yours and fly on your own wings, and never fall into Icarus’ Sea.



In hindsight, I really had no idea what was happening since launching these books all over the world, and I wasn’t sure why everybody wanted to hear my story, I didn’t even know I have a story… Not receiving a pair of wax wings together with a set of instructions and the choice to follow or un-follow them, it wasn’t easy, but I am so grateful for not receiving those wings!…it helped me understand a very powerful truth, a breakthrough lesson I could never imagine:

It doesn’t matter what you receive, or you don’t receive from life- what really matters is what you do with what you receive, or you don’t receive in life. Especially, what you do with what you don’t receive! I am so grateful for what I did not receive!

Five years later, I had written a book for each year of my life, not because I planned for it, but because I can’t help it. I wake up at 4 am in the morning to write down a thought and turn it into a message, a message that comes to me, but I know is not mine to hold. The message is coming to me at first, but it is for me to share ( as an article, a post or a book) with the people who need that message, that story…I am not planning to stop anytime soon! My Big Dream is to help at least 1000 people become Purposeful Leaders, true millionaires within the next 1000 days and launch The Stardust Prosperity Movie who inspires more people to overcome their own limiting beliefs. 1000 people or more who, in turn, can lead with purpose, another 1000 people or more!

As my own story evolves into modern age, I am now surrounded by hundreds of thousands of extraordinary people who are on a path to create and deliver value, impact modern society in a good way, thinkers, artists, visionaries, politicians, academics, celebrities and successful business people. I listen to their story on my show (Your Stardust Story) and each one of them shows limitless talent, passion and desire to give more. They are no different than Daedalus who wants to help Icarus to escape the Labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur…

While acknowledging this abundance of genius I can’t help but ask myself:

“How comes that so many abundant people are so poor? How comes we still have poverty on this planet?”



It is obvious to me that no matter how clear you make the instructions coming with the wax wings, there is always the chance that Icarus is going to be fascinated by the new-found freedom of flying in the sky and going too close to the Sun…On reflection, a good mentor teaches you to dare but a Master teaches you to grow and fly on your own wings.
Personal development is an industry which, for most of us, holds the same fascination Icarus had for the Sun and hundreds of thousands of students are falling into the Icarus Sea. From where I am, listening to thousands of stories each year, persobal development is an industry I left  behind with gratitude. I SEE the world with a fresh pair of eyes: I see the rise of a new wave of Icarus, who are too smart to follow old instructions but are daring enough to grow and fly on their own wings.
Purposeful leadership is a real eruption of emotional intelligence, originating within the mist of political and economic change. More and more purposeful leaders, are awakening into their truth, while endorsing their own vision. After five years, my original dream has become a vision and my vision is now a reality. Together with my team of Genius Farmers, with my #STARDUST Team, we run two magazines, a radio and last week, a book I wrote three years ago (“Away from Home- Broadcast your Passion”) was transformed into a tv channel, Broadcast Your Passion.
We launched BYP TV, as a response to an overwhelming demand for sharing big dreams, to inspire more Purposeful Leaders to broadcast their Passion.

BYP brings you completely original programming focusing on culture and diversity, including interviews with up and coming stars and influencers from the world of business, fashion, art and culture. As well as live coverage of events from around the UK as we delve into discovering the true passion that drives today’s creatives and tomorrow’s game changers.

To summarise what is happening right outside the personal development gates, a new industry is born- Social Edification- Building up Purposeful Leaders.

As I savour my coffee this morning, this moment it never been so precious… I am watching Dr Gill Barham’s latest Show – The Vitality Hour on BYP TV, and reading, fresh from press, Dr Wendy Sneddon’s article in Sovereign Magazine. And loving those two extraordinary women, my fellow Genius Farmers, who inspire me each day with their limitless passion to help others, I can’t help but wonder:

How many raising Icarus are going farther out into the Solar System than originally planned?

Join us on #BYP TV, Be inspired! Next

Be my special guest, share Your Stardust Story – your interview is long overdue!



Rising Icarus launches Heavy Falcon by Dr Marina Nani

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