#STARDUST Show- Interview slot

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The Stardust Show is a bespoke solution for your branding exposure.

In this groundbreaking new experience, you will share your story to impact and influence our audience, transform your personal brand while transforming others through communication, compassion and congruency.


What is in for you

Thoughout the show, we help you:

1.Craft your message

2.Identify your existing talents

3.Prioritise your projects

4. Help you become your best spokesperson

5. Make the news and become visible

What could you learn while sharing your story with  Dr Marina Nani, before and  during the interview:

1.    Learn to think strategically

2.    Learn to deliver your vision with the end in mind

3.    Learn who you are, understand your true worth

4.    Focus on your strengths through communication, compassion and congruency

5.    Learn to focus on what really matters

6.    Become the best version of who you could be

7.    Take ownership not only of your time, but your life purpose.

8.    Master your unique talent

Your story

Your story could be about work, families, relationships, health or great causes;

Your story will unveil want you want, your vision and what you are capable of achieving.

Your story profoundly affect how you see yourself and equally how others see you, and can change others lives for better and, in turn, transform your own destiny.


BYP is a total branding solution for people who make a significant difference locally and deserve to be known globally.

To become the face of good news, you need to inspire others to make the needed changes in their life that could bring them the results they want.

While there are thousands of great programs available online, we create the experience of being recognized for your talent, and become the leader of your industry. BYP inspires you to think strategically and focus on your strengths through communication, compassion and congruency.

If you want to make the headlines and front-page news with our tv channel or our business newspaper, share  your story on The Stardust Show!

#STARDUST Show- Interview slot


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