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Rachel Elnaugh: Connecting your genius with the world

Founder of well known multy million brands like Red Letter Days experience and  recently Source Tv, Rachel Elnaugh is the brain and the source of limitless inspiration for Entrepreneurs, Authors, Humanitarians, Philanthropists and artists worldwide.  Rachel is not only an established tv Personality but a world class speaker, award winning author, accomplished Business Mentor, based in Bakewell, Derbyshire. The heart-breaking story behind her unprecedented success doesn’t revolve around finance or the people she served along the way with her brilliancy, but her gracious, generous giving essence that she shares with others, her unassuming kindness, the very fabric of her genius.

Accomplished Author, entrepreneur, business mentor and former BBCTV Dragons’ Den ‘Dragon’, Rachel Elnaugh’s books are available on amazon but I will like to focus on  celebrating her latest book “PROSPERITY” as she takes you along into a spiritual  adventure through the ‘Black Hole of Debt’, over 42 chapters, leading you gracefully through a world of  shame and shadows, and back into the “light with lots of practical marketing advice on how to create the revenue streams and systems/structure to allow money to flow to you, effortlessly.”

“PROSPERITY” is not just another book but a new concept on your relationship with money and yourself, a collection of the best kept secrets around money, flow and abundance, which today is celebrating one year since it was launched to help others make Prosperity a way of life.

I am delighted to share with our readers a glimpse into the exclusive interview with Rachel Elnaugh, who graced the stage at The Authors Awards at BAFTA’S 2016 and 2017.

The Universe works in mysterious ways 

Rachel: The Universe works in mysterious ways. When I first met you as the creator and host of the event, I saw myself in you. It was like looking into a mirror. Your work is essentially amplifying and energizing the work of great evolutionaries in the world and that’s very much what I am about. It felt like sisters on the same path

Marina: Thank you Rachel, I am humbled by your words. I believe that what there is always more to life than what we see and achieve. I thought I had achieved everything in life. I retired and decided to take a journey around the world. It was during this journey that I realised I had achieved only the earthy or material goals. Life was much bigger than just that. There was so much more energy that needed to be tapped. It wasn’t restricted to material success and possessing properties. This realisation made me feel that void within. It’s not about money but it’s about touching lives. I am fascinated by your journey. I know you have a lot to share about this. Have you ever felt something similar? What is your vision for 2017?

Rachel: Being evolutionaries, we are all getting linked up energetically. We all have a piece of the jigsaw and are now coming together with these individual pieces to create that bigger picture. For example, I got connected to you through Gill Barham who is doing great evolutionary work with her people, you have your own group of evolutionaries in your tribe and I have mine. When we connect as individuals, our groups also get connected to create one huge wave of evolutionary energy on the planet. Our mission is to create heaven on earth where we will transcend illness and poverty.  2017 is a year of magic and hope. The seventeenth card in the tarot is a star and it’s a beautiful card of optimism and magic and fun. That’s my vision of 2017.

The shift in consciousness into a new golden age

Marina: You have been entrusted with this vision for a reason, there is definitely a meaning behind this. It is because you are ready to make the difference the society needs and deserves. I think we have met because we need to unlock the power within. To discover our passion and believe that there is no distance between the mind and the heart. Could you tell us more about your 18-inch-journey and enlighten us with your energy and wisdom? What was the turning point?

Rachel: My life has been a constant of evolution. However, the key turning point was on the 12.12.12, which was also my 48th birthday. It was on that day that I co-produced an event titled 12.12.12. It was quite an incredible manifestation. The event in London was attended by almost 1,500 people and was streamed live globally. Diana Cooper was the leading name and Nikki Slade led the musical chants. Apart from this there were almost another 30 big names including Davina MacKail, Adrian Freedman, Ravi Ji, Stuart Pearce, Rita Hraiz and many more. You can say that almost every big name was either on stage or in that room that night.

This event seemed to have triggered something special! Exactly ten days later on the 21.12.12, it seemed like the tipping point or shift in consciousness into a new golden age. Diana Cooper had correctly stated that 12.12.12 was the opening of the rainbow bridge, to bring in our new energy. It was on that evening that I spoke of SourceTv, the business I launched in 2013, my venture to help people get their personal brand known. It was an important year.

Davina MacKail had explained that the symbolism of 12.12.12 (as told through the Tarot) is the marriage of the ‘Magician’ and ‘The High Priestess’.  In numerology the numbers are read from right to left, thus the feminine energy has to inform and lead the masculine energy.  Both ‘The Big Om’ and ‘The Golden Om’ had been lacking the crucial lead of feminine energy!

Going to the next level of your own evolution

Rachel: A mentor had then said to me that if I was to do this business, I had to go to the next level of my own evolution. Realising the importance of her words, I started to do a lot of work into opening into the source energy. I realised that if I am not aligned to it, I cannot expect anyone else to be. This kind of triggered my own personal evolution and culminated into me going to Peru to the mountains and working with the shamans and opening my third eye. It’s a very different energy that I was shaping using metaphysical principles to manifest into the material realm. It was indeed an amazing experience of receiving the teachings from the divine and integrating them.

I realised the importance of energy to hold the light and the vibration so high and so powerful, that it would transmute everything in its path. That was the vision of my work for the world – a vision powerful like a wave that can transmute all that

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