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Award Winning Author, Viola Edward is celebrated around the world by thousands and thousands of people who were fortunate enough to meet her, to hear her or to read her books. I consider myself blessed for being together on our journey into Serendipity. I am very excited to share with you amazing news about Viola, the woman, the friend, the Radio Host colleague, the Stardust Teacher, the Mentor and the High Vibrational Inspiration she is today.

But first I want to take you back in time and imagine this prodigy, she is just five, with big tears going down her angelic face as she is leaving everything she knew in her short life in Iraq, to go on an adventure, discover a new environment in Beirut, Lebanon, where for the next nine years she will have no choice but to adapt to a new culture, new environment, new faces, new places… Turning into a young beautiful teenager and again, say goodbye to friends and familiar places she start to know and love, to embark  on a new journey, and cross the planet all the way to the South Hemisphere to Caracas, Venezuela, where she moved again as her family had to emigrate.

Viola has been contributing to the World beyond frontiers communities all her life and in 2017 under the wings of Radio W.O.R.K.S. World, a new book on relationships was published “Who Makes the Bed?”.  What’s next for Viola?

 “I am a Latina with Middle-Eastern Origin”

Viola is the creator of Feminine Capital Waves which is designed to support women in re-discovering themselves, their rhythm and power to balance the light and the shadow of their feminine and masculine energies and share this equilibrium with their families, colleagues and communities. Recently Viola Edward’s Vision delivered The Feminine Forum, an international platform for speakers & panels who are discussing different areas of life empowering women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity, breaking free to move beyond concepts to create a more sustainable society. The next upcoming event (a reflection of the Forum successfully launched in Cyprus on May) ,  coming soon to Amsterdam and growing globally in the next 18 months.

Viola’s first book “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” was published in 1999 and when she moved to Cyprus wit husband Michael, the locals welcomed her writing talent with open arms. Her latest book published this year “Who Makes the Bed?” already receive an international award for Books on Relationships and it is on its way to become a bestselling book by reaching soon the 5,000 books sold globally. Viola’s Talk Show on Radio W.O.R.K.S. “Feminine Capital Rhythm” is attracting more and more people and she is meeting with her listeners on the red-carpet Gala evenings, Makes the News, London and Cyprus.


What make you look so vibrant and colourful?

It is my Feminine Capital Rhythm mixed with my gratitude. One of my mottos in life is to ‘walk the talk’; it makes life easier and saves me energy. If I cannot model it, I will not talk it.

I have a caring, supportive family and friends all over the world. I am in a functional, nourishing relationship with a loving man and have the best sister ever. I have lived in four different countries and speak four languages, which boosts my Relational Capital.

My work is my passion… I consider ageing to be a privilege that many people have not been able experience. I feel loved and cherished for being just who I am and I honour being alive with my own catchy rhythm of colours and actions.

It was always like this for you?

No, not at all, throughout my childhood, I was a survivor, with depressive up and down moods. My dad passed away suddenly when I was three and we first moved country when I was five. The loss of my father and the successive migrations were tough experiences, but in healing from the pain of those losses, I finally came to understand, in my thirties, that there is more to life than just surviving.

I learned how to breathe consciously, an amazing tool for life and for self-development. I healed various addictions, I learned how to meditate and calm my extremely chatty mind. I realised the importance of living in the present and particularly to trust my intuition. My discernment in life become wiser and it seemed like all the lights were on and I could see, hear and feel fully. I was alive and vibrant. This all happened in my mid-thirties. Although I had already studied psychotherapy and coaching by then, I undertook more specific studies, to broaden the structure of my wild self-education. The completing process of sharing with others makes it pure joy to be working with what I love and I keep learning in the process. I have been on this pathway since 1993 and I feel blessed.


What is your relation with books?

 My connection with books is one of the oldest and the deepest relationships I have. I was an introverted child, quiet, grey, sad and very silent. Nobody remembers at what age I learned how to read but everybody in my family remembers me quiet as a mouse, in a corner behind a book. Books were my salvation, within the pages I would travel to the many different worlds of the imagination, only coming back for my schoolwork, the second thing I liked to do (minus Math). I think I developed persistence and audacity then, as I used to choose books that I would not understand on a first reading. I would try again after some years and then again. Metamorphosis of Franz Kafka was one of those books. I managed to keep up with life thanks to the love of my mother and sister and this passion for books and my studies. As mentioned above, I survived. But, at the age of 13, when we emigrated from Lebanon to Venezuela, I had to stop going to school and start working. This broke my heart in a way, but again books saved me, for now I had a whole new continent of literature to learn about, a new language to develop and books again. And so on, I read and read and then developed a love for cinema also, so fascinating to see the stories in film. Immersed in Venezuela’s rhythmic, musical 70’s energy, and falling in love for first time, something began to shift inside helping me to embrace the vibration of life and I gradually became more Social. Through the years my character has developed into this Relational and communicative persona I am today.

Did you ever dream of becoming a writer?

As I was developing experience as a Holistic Psychotherapist, I dreamed of becoming a film scriptwriter but instead, I discovered the art of being a public speaker. Without any training, I found I could create a speech by just being in front of an audience, or a TV camera.

It was the early Nineties, during the boom in South and North America of Self Development and Business Consultancy. I found myself in the correct place at the right time with the perfect subject. I developed my own coaching and a 200 hour breathwork training 200 hours backed up with 200 hours of master program. Some of my students and business clients recorded my speeches, transcribed them and sent them to me. Then a miracle happened. When I saw my words in the computer screen, I started correcting some ideas and expanding others and this melted the ice and broke the fear of being a writer. I published my first book “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” in 1999, first in Spanish and then an English version in 2001 and the Turkish version in 2006.

Due to changing country again with my move to Cyprus and having to speak and work in a new foreign language, my writing stopped for some years but in 2013, with my husband Michael de Glanville, we wrote a whole series of weekly articles about conscious relationships in a local newspaper and I started recovering my confidence. Based on those articles, my second book, Who Makes the Bed? was born in January 2017 with the support of Marina Nani and Radio WORKS World.

How has being an author influenced your life?

Being an author has been a blessing in my life. It is like a diplomatic passport, opening many doors and positioning me on a higher level as professional. My first book was nominated to Radio WORKS World author’s award and hopefully I will be on the red carpet as the winner one day. Meanwhile, I am working on my next book about Relational Capital and I am always going the extra mile, both to improve myself and to support my readers and clients. I practice deep and creative work with individuals, groups and in business, based on the structure of my books. My books have a lively rhythm of their own and find the way to dance with my clients in a joyful and effective way.

2017 is still young, do you have more news to take our breath away, Viola?

Two Books are in the process of being published  “Alchemy of Emotions” and “Have we Met?”

I was thinking to myself: This woman is limitless! ” and as we were finalising the interview, just after she performed an amazing presentation on Relationships at Make The News London this summer, there she is, two more books!

But I know Viola well enough to think ” what’s next!”and I was right to expect more breking news to kick in: our dear Stardust Viola Edward nominated for the “Inspiration Award for Women”. 

Viola Edward is nominated in the category of Most Aspirational Women, Aspirational is an example which motivates to improve, to reach a higher level or greater understanding… 

The Inspiration award for Women celebrate the achievement of remarkable women who inspire those around them either through media or through their outstanding achievements in their everyday lives. Sky Andrew the founder says “Giving the next generation, role models that show it is possible to have a sense of status, achievement and success by conducting one-self in a manner that is inspirational” Dame Jane Goodall is the guest of honour in the 10th anniversary of this award, Jane is one of Viola’s heroes since youth

 “I am honoured to have been chosen to this award, I have start working since I was 13 years old and I do my work with all my love relating deeply with people that I come across with on my path honouring all the countries I lived in so far. I believe that every human being is inspirational, this touches me most, it is just that some of us are more private and some are more public.” Viola Edward sais

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