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If you are somebody who asks for directions, you’ve used a map at some point as the people you asked for directions, most of the time, don’t have a clue where do you want to go.  If you ever got lost in your lifetime (who didn’t???) the mapmaker, or cartographer, is responsible for getting you un-lost.
If you are a Mapmaker, for yourself at first, and created better life choices already, the experience is so amazing that, now, you want to become somebody who creates maps. When you discover the buried pirate treasure, you can’t help it: you want to share your Eurika moments, your truth, your vision!  Your story is a “how to get from where you are to where you want to be” kind of map , whether they’re Maps of opportunities, or success, or health, or wellbeing, or relationships others seek.

What to do next?

Say YES! to yourself and learn to say no to everything and everyone that doesn’t help you grow into the person who can deliver your life purpose. Focus on what matters: You! Start drawing the map following a simple formula that is transferable and brings fast results! Unlike two thousand years ago, you don’t even need a “ leaf of paper” When somebody who struggles is asking you next time for help, you could simply say: HERE IT IS, I DROWN THE MAP FOR YOU- Have my book!

PS: And, yes, you could forget those business cards at home next time, you are the author who’s book is published on Amazon! 



Be Featured In Glossy Magazines


Still mesmerized by the energy brought together at our red carpet Awards 2016 by our international Radio Show Hosts, Authors and media partners. If you want to celebrate Life, and shine your Light on others, you have to be with  Celebrities or become one!
“The Quantum of Light- By Authors, For Authors” does both!

Marina Nani is not only the founder of The Quantum of Light Magazine and Radio W.O.R.K.S. World, but an accomplished writer who understands really well the struggles you are facing when publishing your book and what doors you need to open next. Actually, Marina consideres the stage, the radio interviews and the glossy magazine, “small hinges to swing big doors”.           Step into the spotlight and lighten somebody else’s dark sky!

“The only dreams coming true are the great dreams you dream awake. You hold the unique talent that the world is waiting on,  the strength could only come from within, from your resilience, your patience, your passion, the winning algorithm while reaching for the stars to change the world”- Marina Nani


Host Your Own Radio Show

Ignored by the media? Now is the best time to go ON AIR! Research shows that effective communications will eclipse your competition and increase your visibility by 3 and a half times. Want to maximise your Credibility and Visibility ? Want to grow your Audience?

Want to attract Ideal Clients who are ready to pay you for the unfair advantage of learning from you? Want to voice your message?


Radio is the strongest marketing platform around to elevate your Brand!
You don’t have a Brand yet?
It is about time to master your craft and own your audience. We offer you the structure to launch your own Radio show, eliminate your Fear of public speaking and create a stress- anxiety Free Experience, to voice your Message, and tell others who you are!
This is the Turn-Keysolution to Broadcast your Passion Worldwide.


Launch Your Book In Style

Never consider yourself too old waiting for Father Christmas or reading
” Shifting Jack”. If you’ve met The Authors on the red carpet at BAFTA’S, you know that both are magical characters, created by real people, and not only add the magic to our day to day life, but help you grow into being able to create THE MAGIC for your own world .


It is time for the 2017 notebook to trade your to do lists for your very own TO BE LIST: The Authors Awards 2017 is happening in Spring and the people who already booked their speaking slots on stage or their Authographing Sessions, or listing their books in The Authors Awards 2017 catalogue, feel the urgency to re- unite themselves with your vision, to share their message with those who need to hear the good news: Growing into the person who can DELIVER your  life purpose is not a 9-5 job, but a divine job.


Join us on the red carpet for the Authors Awards 2017 March


Become a Radio W.O.R.K.S. World Partner

“The sacred secret of living life with Purpose is Sharing your story!
Human beings are programmed to be risk adverse. Being adventurous, challenging your own limiting beliefs, could be quite scary! During my travels Away from Home, I’ve met thousands of people who wished they’d never settled, have taken more risks, spoken their mind, made their voice heard before was too late. Can you related to that feeling?
Connecting with The Unstoppables, the Agents of Change and Brilliancy, our Hosts are here to inspire you to never give up or settle for less than your Worth. When you turn your Dream into Reality. your Reality turns into a Dream!” Marina Nani, Founder


The Effective way to brand your company in style!


Position your brand at the core of The Authors Awards 2017 and provide attendees with a shopping bag to hold their books with the exclusive Awards Bag Sponsorship. Your bags will be distributed to attendees as they enter the venue and everyone will be promoting your logo!

The Authors Awards 2017 is bringing together entrepreneurs, book sellers, writers, bloggers, reporters, book reviewers, producers of digital radio platforms and social media platforms.




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