During The Syardust BOOKS’ HOUR, Dr Marina Nani introduces Danielle Serpico, Author of The Blackbelt Mastermind: The Ultimate Guide to having a Fighter Mindset and Winning in LIfehas earned her stripes in the jungle of life.

DANIELLE SERPICO- The Blackbelt Mastermind

Daniele Serpico is a highly acclaimed Life & Mind Coach and a Certified Licensed NLP Practitioner, Master & Trainer. Author of the acclaimed ‘The Blackbelt Mastermind’, a Self-help book on having a fighter spirit and a success mind set and is the Founder of her M.A.S.T.E.R System, she is in high demand for her speaking engagements, filling out venues around the world and also holds regular meetups, workshops and events.

She is also a European Gold and Silver Medal Champion in Kenpo Karate and teaches Self Defence for Mind, Body & Spirit as well as hosting two very popular Radio Shows – RadioMasterMind on Charity Radio Ireland and MindMatters at Dublin City Fm 

Everything happens twice: first in your Mind and second in your own Reality

Danielle Serpico learned from her own experience that if you can imagine and create a better life for yourself, you can deliver your vision and create your own reality, on your own terms. As a testimony to her system, thousands of people, including myself, sccessfully transfered the blueprint of Danielle’s M.A.S.T.E.R.™ System into their own circumstances and never looked back.

Battling through personal, emotional and financial adversity to emerge a true champion. Her experiences chronicle her pathway to success.
In this book you will find the strategies that she used to develop her acclaimed M.A.S.T.E.R.™ System.

From an entrepreneurial businesswoman and European Martial arts champion to a Master NLP Trainer and coach, Danielle has evolved her system with one goal in mind – your success. This book contains all the practical exercises and easily assimilated techniques you need in order to develop your inner warrior. Utilizing the key principles of her system, you will learn to become the master of your mind and ultimately master of your destiny.

The Power of Words

Danielle Serpico sais: “Words have power.  We all talk to ourselves all the time but most of the time we don’t even realize that we’re talking to ourselves and we’re not even aware of it, consciously. I remember the first time that I became really consciously aware that I had this internal voice and this voice was talking to me but it was talking to me in a very negative way. I decided to change that  and it’s very much like there are little people in your head and when you have a negative emotion, the little people in your head will pull out and replace it with the corresponding positive emotion and it’s a great analogy. We have something in our brain called neuroplasticity which means that our neural pathways are constantly evolving and changing and building and growing, changing directions. Now when we think something and say something inside our head this neural pathway shoots across our brain and is like an electric current like a little energy current shoots across your brain. As a resuly your pathway will become stronger and bigger and thicker and more vibrant, and the more that you have that thought, the bigger that neural pathway will grow. What that does, is gives you the corresponding amount of emotion attached to those words, so whether you’re saying something good or bad.  If you’re saying “I’m not good enough” or ” I could never do that”

and you say that kind of sentence a lot, at the same time your pathway is goingm to be strong and it’s going to give you strong emotion to go with that. Something bad you will get that emotion if it’s something good like “I can do that! ” or “I’m fantastic! “, “I’m incredible!” then you will get the corresponding emotion attached to that wording. ”

To meet Danielle Serpico and learn how to take control of your own mind, come and join us on the red carpet at next The Make The News ” Gala evening and if you come early, you will have the chance to jon The Blackbelt Mastermind with the Masters at 4.00 PM


Stardust Books’ Hour: Author Danielle Serpico, Ireland

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